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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

Where to Find and Hire Website Security Experts?

Web security experts are web developers who have specialized in the security part of the business site. Securing your website is an essential part of your web management. There is a misconception that some small businesses are not prone to hacking, and hackers target only big companies.

The truth is, hackers target any websites to steal information, money, or sabotage a business’s operation. Information is currency, and hackers would steal the same and demand ransom. So let us end that misconception now!

While a bug fixing developer looks for bugs, A web security expert goes further than just identifying bugs. They ensure the web applications run by the company are secure. The expert has to search for vulnerabilities and risks in all web applications and suggest security measures for implementation.

Web security management is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous work that involves monitoring the web for unusual activities. Web security experts must have an analytical mind and fast problem-solving skills when reacting to an attack. Being a good strategist is a desirable skill for freelance web security experts.

The experts do not work alone but with both back-end and front-end developers. Therefore, they should have excellent communication skills. They must be able to articulate policies and procedures to website users and the team managing the site.

How to Hire Website Security Experts From 24Task

Since web security check is an essential component of website management, Web security experts sure do that from time to time. However, it depends on where you are looking. Many organizations have been unable to attract the right talent because their job post doesn’t attract the best. 

  • If you want to hire the best web security expert, you should have a well-crafted job description. We continuously insist that you post a comprehensive job post because top-rated freelancers will rarely submit a proposal to a scanty job post. Your job post is what helps the freelancer determine whether they are qualified for your particular task. It also tells them whether they have a unique skill set that will add value.

  • Clearly define your goals and the job terms. Freelancers care about their ratings, and they want to offer the best value for top ratings. Ensure you have consulted and know what role the web security expert is needed to complete. 

  • What is your expectation in terms of experience? Perhaps you are looking for someone who has handled social security websites or an e-commerce website? What is your budget? Is it a one-time security fix? Are you looking for a long-term security collaboration? State what expectations you have so that all freelancers who propose know your requirements in advance.

Cost estimates of Hiring Freelance Website Security Experts

Why hire from 24Task.com instead of any other freelance platforms? There are thousands of freelance Marketplaces but, none of them compares to what 24Task.com provides. Check out the following reasons to hire great talents from 24task.com.

  1. We care about what value our clients are getting. We, at 24task, understand that running a business is not easy. Often, operational costs cut into profit, but 24Task.com is here to help you cut costs. 

  2. We will link your business with a qualified and affordable Freelance Website Security setup. Most freelancers on our platforms are not from the United States, and that is by design. One of the factors that determines how much you pay a skilled profession is location. 

    Hiring in San Francisco is not the same as hiring in Atlanta; The costs are different due to per capita income. It is cost-effective to hire freelancers from 24Tsak.com because a freelancer located in India or the Philippines will be more affordable than hiring the locals.

  3. GDP works in favor of businesses located in the United States, Canada, and other developed nations. This aspect occurs because they can outsource their web security management at an affordable rate. When you outsource to offshore freelancers, you can get quality Web Security Experts charging as low as $20 per hour. Go ahead and hire some of our top-rated freelancers without digging deep into your pockets.

Pros and Cons of Website Security Jobs

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Web security ensures your system protection from viruses and malware or even spyware that hackers may try to inject into your site and spy on your business activities online.

  • It ensures that all sensitive data from your business is protected.

  • Customer transactions security from phishing scams and credit card thieves.

  • An authorized user restriction to access certain parts of the system, ensuring data integrity.


  • Configuring firewalls with your web application is not always easy.

  • Some security software that a web security expert may integrate with your website can be very aggressive, and users login in with the old browser version may not have access.

  • If a firewall is not well-configured, it can block a user from performing crucial tasks. Your client will be frustrated, and you may lose them to the competition.

  • Freelance Website Security setup could be costly to a small business.

Web Security/ Important Tools and Applications

Web security experts need particular tools and technology to assist them in ensuring their client sites are secured. Here are some of them:

  1. Firewalls -it’s the core of any security system to protect against hacking.

  2. Antivirus Software - they help your business by scanning and alerting you of any viruses or malware infections.

  3. Anti-spyware Software -spyware can snoop into the system and copy your passwords and username to various sites one visits. Anti-spyware software detects keyloggers and password recorders and removes them from the system.

  4. Password management software - ensures that only authentic users and not bots have access to the website and its applications.

  5. PKI Services -This is like HTTPS and SSL certificates that encrypt your websites. PKI enables multi-factor authentication and access control, creates a trusted signature, encrypts digital signatures.

Hire the Best Freelance Website Security Services

Now that you know how crucial web security management is and that such services do not come cheap, why not hire our affordable top-rated freelancers to help you out with your site’s security? At 24Task.com, we bring you world-class web security experts to help you out. Whatever you need, 24Task has a freelancer with a solution.

Hiring is not a daunting task. Our platform is committed to helping clients meet the most reliable freelancers. All freelancers have passed a mandatory skill test so that our clients can have the best value for their money. So, go ahead, log in to 24task.com and choose from all the Website Security jobs available to land the best.

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Website Security FAQs

  • The best website security is SiteLock since it offers complete cloud-based protection to websites. Its 360-degree monitoring protection detects and fixes threats, improves the website's performance, and prevents future attacks. Besides, it allows businesses of all sizes to meet PCI compliance standards.

  • To become a freelance website security professional, they must have earned a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity, computer science, IT, or related fields. Experience and certification in the specific area, with an entry-level position in IT or security, would be an added advantage.

  • A website security expert has the skills and knowledge about website security measures to instill security and confidence in clients who visit your website. They provide virus scan software and SEO to prevent attacks from risky sites and protect Google rankings.

  • When looking for a freelance web security expert, go for the one with at least a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity or a related IT field. Also, look for one with professional experience in the same area.

  • The amount a website security expert will charge you would depend on the business's size or the extent of the damage. For instance, it can be as little as $50 per year or cost as much as $6,000 per year. One system can cost up to $24,000 for a single year.

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