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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024


Understanding Freelance Python Web Development Jobs

Are you looking to have a fully functional website? Do you want your websites’ responsiveness and overall performance to improve significantly? Or are you an individual who aspires to be a python web developer? Whatever brings you to read this content, worry not as we have you covered. In this article, 24task discusses the most vital information you must know.

Before you start your journey to becoming freelance Python Developers or hire one, you must begin by understanding its basics. In its simple form, Python is an all-purpose coding language. Unlike other known programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Python can be applied in other areas apart from web development.

What is a Python Developer Job?

In terms of popularity, Python is currently the most in-demand coding language in the market. If you are a python developer, your chances of getting hired are, thus, very high. But, what are the key roles and responsibilities of python developers? Check out the following to better understand how essential these developers are in the cloud industry.

A python developer is an expert with at least one popular Python framework (like Django, Flask, or Pyramid). They are well-versed with front-end technologies (like JavaScript and HTML5)

  • Python developers write and test codes, debug programs and integrate applications with various third-party sources. They are familiar with server-side logic and work well in a team.

  • Furthermore, these developers are in the computer technology, engineering, and relative line of studies. They hold bachelor’s degrees in those fields and related ones. 

  • They must be knowledgeable of object-relational mapping and must have good analytical skills. They must solve any problem that may arise at any point of website creation and its launch.

 Why Should You Choose to Study Python? 

Web development using Python is easy to learn, provided that your heart is in it. In terms of popularity, this is currently the most in-demand coding language in the market. If you are a python developer, your chances of landing a python developer job are quite that high. If you are a business owner who is looking for a qualified developer, you can visit 24task.com. At 24task, you will find the most reliable freelance python developers in the market. 

In your journey to becoming reliable freelance python developers, you will learn that its code syntax primarily relies on English keywords. Many coding beginners can get started with this language due to this fact. For instance, go back to the first code you wrote when you wanted to display/print the phrase “Hello World” using the Java programming language.

But while the python syntax may appear simple, do not let it fool you as it is applicable in all kinds of complicated machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

  1. There are lots of python developer jobs. By the time of writing this, 24Task has thousands of Python-related openings. As Python programming is applicable in so many industries, there is multip[le jobs that can fit all kinds of employment for it.

  2. Learning web development using Python means getting a good salary. Did we mention that apart from multiple python developer jobs, the python developer salary is also more than decent? While I do not quote the figures here, a simple search online will reveal that even entry-level positions, e.g., Entry Level Software Developer attract more than $50,000.

  3. A third reason to study freelance Python web development is that startups truly love Python. Startups don’t have access to the kind of money reserves that big corporations have in their banks. As such, they have no option but to learn how to operate lean for them to survive. 

Python becomes the preferred development language as it’s able to make both of these goals a reality.

Skills You Will Need to Become a Developer

  • Quite obviously, you will need to learn Python. It’s the primary language you will use when working on completing all your projects. Luckily, if you are already a developer using other languages, then the language switch should come with ease. As earlier mentioned, Python is a general-purpose language whose demand is increasing. It has an easy and smooth learning curve, which means beginners shouldn’t have a problem getting started with it.

  • Another skill you will need to acquire is python frameworks. While this skill is mandatory, it doesn’t mean developers need to learn all the frameworks in existence. The framework you need will depend on the project at hand. Our 24 Task developers often have to use CherryPy, Flask, and Django. Most of the projects we handle require them to know these frameworks inside and out.

  • Having learned Python and the different python frameworks, you should now turn your focus to becoming familiar with ORM libraries. You will come to see that connecting and using an application through an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) is faster and more efficient, as opposed to having to write any SQL code. The team will more than likely prefer to use ORMs rather than having to write SQL.

Python Developer Jobs and Opportunities

Python has become the most popular and in-demand coding language that developers around the world want to learn. Since its inception, the language has become an essential part of understanding how backend or server-side technologies work and function. If you have been hoping to make a career change, then you just might have found a new path.

For anyone well-versed with Python, becoming python developers is perhaps the most direct job route. A developer conversant with this language can write testable, reusable, and efficient code. They will also need to build websites, implement security and data protection, and optimize data algorithms. Their job description may also involve solving data analytics problems.

Tips to Help You Hire Python Developers

Have you been in a situation where you enthusiastically worked on an engineering team to launch a product in the market but later ran out of finances? It is a usual business scenario, especially if you choose to work with inexperienced python developers to save cost. How do you go about avoiding such a situation? Simple, hire only the experienced developers. 

  1. The hiring process for any job post is not an easy task. Before you roll up your sleeve and decide to engage one, first know what you are looking for exactly. Define your goals, the scope of your project, and all the requirements you need to have your project materialize. 

  2. Scrutinize technical background. Note that it is essential to have an expert with strong technical knowledge in your team. Most significantly, a developer who understands front-end technologies. They must also know how the server-side logic works. They must be well-versed with various Python frameworks. 

  3. Assess your shortlisted candidate by asking relevant questions and giving some written and practical tests to gauge their skills and expertise. They will be responsible for tech management and debugging; hence, they should be top-notch.

So what are you waiting for now? Visit the 24task.com website now and hire the best python developers in the market today.

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Python developer Frequently asked Questions

  • They are software engineers that create computer programs using Python as a programming language.

  • They are responsible for writing server-side web application logic. Generally, they develop different back-end components and connect the website to web services and more. They contribute to a project’s development, deployment, and debugging.

  • Python developers are sought for their versatility and usability. Along with it, they are expected to be proficient in core Python, have a good grasp of web frameworks, object-relations mappers, and multi-purpose architecture. To add, they are expected to consistently have excellent analytical skills, design skills, and communication skills.

  • As is with any type of developer, it’s important to be educated on needed knowledge and skills. This could be done through multiple options where some of the most common are earning a bachelor’s related to computer science, going through coding boot camps, or being self-taught. But with the abundance of needed information and proportionately the abundance of means of attaining them, you’d still have a better edge with a Python Certification. It opens windows of opportunity for possible clients, taking a career to the next level, and better pay.

  • Yes. As found out by the Developer Surveys done by Stackoverflow, Python has been steadily an in-demand technology in recent years, particularly from 2018 through 2020. And considering that big names like Google, Facebook, and Netflix are using it, the demand for Python developers will not fade away any time soon.

  • On average, they charge somewhere around $25-$80. The wide variation depends heavily on whether the developer will be employed or freelancing only, whereas freelancers usually cost way less. Also, the variation in rates depends on the skills and experience of the developer, their location, and the complexity of the project.

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