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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Cosmos DB for MongoDB Developers

Before anyone can start their journey to becoming an expert in any field, they must first know what they are getting themselves in. They also must set their expectations along the way. 

If you are an owner, it will be a wise decision to hire a freelance MongoDB developer. If you are a developer, you must consider the MongoDB development application as it is a scalable and highly flexible document database that provides powerful analytics and storage capabilities. The best part of it all is that this database is free! Yes, developers do not have to pay to use it.

If you are well-versed with relational databases, you will notice straight away that MongoDB is not the same as the other relational databases out there. What makes it different is that it is document-oriented, making it a NoSQL database. All relational systems, e.g., MySQL, and Oracle use columns, rows, and tables to hold and store data. In the case of MongoDB, all information is in JSON-like documents.

Storing data in this form makes it possible for all its users to work with various data types and sets with ease. For MongoDB developers, the most remarkable thing about all this is that they will not have to deal with one predetermined field forever.

Resources to Help Freelance MongoDB Development Experts

The best developer knows that app development is a continuous learning process. The same applies to MongoDB application development. The following tips can help MongoDB Development experts aspire to become one and land  Mongol DB developer jobs.

  1. You can start learning about MongoDB development processes by taking free MongoDB university courses. MongoDB university offers a broad range of courses targeting beginners interested in learning MongoDB. The classes are categorized from introductory (for beginners) to advanced (for the professionals). You can check out the course catalog online if you would like access to more advanced classes.

  2. While the free classes offered by MongoDB university aren’t easy to beat, you will find that numerous other platforms are offering paid classes. UDEMY is one of them. UDEMY provides a complete MongoDB development guide course. It includes: 

  • seventeen hours of on-demand video

  • twenty-six articles

  • and forty-nine downloadable resources

    No prior development knowledge is required for one to begin learning.

  1. The SKILLSHARE course mainly targets beginners looking to become familiar with cosmos DB for MongoDB developers. Learning is in the form of slides combined with command-line examples. The entire class only takes up thirty-two minutes, within which time you will have learned the basics, the process of installing MongoDB, how to manage data, and create document storage collections. 

    It’s a course aimed at providing its learners with a foundation of MongoDB and impacting them with the knowledge they need to start. It is the very foundation of those aspiring to land a MongoDB development job.

What Kind of Companies Hire Mongo Developers?

Apart from the 24Task developers who use MongoDB to develop applications, it would help if you realized that the database is already in use in major companies worldwide. 

Most of the companies who hire Mongo Developers are in diverse industries. Renowned public companies using MongoDB include Business Insider, Gap, Intuit, eBay, Verizon, Google, and Adobe.

A developer who takes the initiative to start learning MongoDB today can provide themselves with additional marketability. As things stand, more and more companies start adopting this software. Hence, more freelance MongoDB development jobs are in demand. It is only a matter of time before Freelance Mongo developers become a hot commodity.

Having looked at the big companies mentioned above, you are probably wondering where this software is useful? Simply put, all modern applications, in one way or another, utilize the big data concept. It requires fast features enhancement in data handling and analysis and flexibility in deployment. 

All the older database systems cannot efficiently do all this, hence the need to use MongoDB. If your company needs to hire Mongo developers, contact 24Task MongoDB developers for a top-notch job.

 Benefits of Using MongoDB and hiring Freelance MongoDB Development Experts

  • It provides easy installation.

    Providing fast installation is perhaps one reason why any freelance MongoDB developer prefers to use MongoDB. With A2 Hosting, installation is as easy as clicking a few buttons. 24 Task MongoDB developers have the option of using Webuzo, a free software installer. The installer is compatible with almost all OS (Operating System) templates, eliminating the complexity of using new software.

    You will need to sign up for Webuzo to receive an email notification to guide you on how to go about the installation. When the MongoDB installation is complete, you can now start enjoying some of the most unique and secure features available to app developers.

    Those without A2 hosting must use the installer that comes bundled with MongoDB. The installation wizard is available for Docker, macOS, Windows, and Linux. If you choose to use Linux over other operating systems, you will have to pick between Amazon Linux, Red Hat, SUSE, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

  • Another leading benefit associated with using MongoDB is that it provides you with a schema-less database.

     For those not in the know, schema refers to the columns and table structures commonly used in the old relational databases. A good example is SQL. When using SQL, you are required to define the schema before you can set up your database.

    Luckily, this software has done away with the need for developers to do all this. It instead chooses to provide them with enhanced versatility. It means that a freelance MongoDB developer can store all kinds of file types and experience no hurdles when retrieving them for use.

  • As previously mentioned, unlike SQL-reliant databases, MongoDB is more of an object-focused database management system.

    This software uses documents categorized into Collections rather than requiring the developers to create tables for all their data sets. It’s a tactic that has helped deliver a clear-gain in speed. Thanks to the schema-less database. Any person looking to retrieve data only needs to index a given data point now to retrieve it.


  1. A top-notch developer knows that the performance of their database affects the speed of their app or website. Whether the effect is negative or positive can either cause your app and site users countless headaches or improve their overall user experience. Remember that most users are only willing to wait for a few seconds for a site to load before moving on to the next one.

    As such, it will be a lot easier for your business to hire a Mongo developer as the schema-less database employed by MongoDB helps to assist in speeding up the queries. These are not the only performance-related advantages that it offers. For one, MongoDB doesn’t require developers to conduct table joins, as is the case with SQL. 

  2. An important thing to realize is that MongoDB doesn’t have many tables that require joining. Even though this may seem like a drawback to seasoned relational database experts, the process of executing a join is often highly-extensive. If not done correctly, it could impact the performance of your app. On the other hand, relying on documents helps you to save on resources and space.

    What are you waiting for now? Visit 24task.com today and post your MongoDB developer jobs. At 24task, you will be able to hire the best MongoDB developers and enjoy a skillset to help you with all your application development projects today!

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MongoDB Frequently asked Questions

  • It is a cross-platform document-oriented NoSQL database program. It is capable of high volume data storage by using collections and documents instead of tables and rows.

  • Simply put, ‘Mongo’ is a shortened form of the word humongous. It pertains to the program’s scalability and capacity for high volume data storage. Or, in other words, a massive database.

  • MongoDB provides native drivers for all popular programming languages and frameworks, the supported drivers being PHP, Perl, Python, Go, C#/.NET, Java, Javascript, and others. The drivers are designed to be conversational from the given programming language, making it natural for developers to work with data compared to string-based languages and eliminates the need for clunky ORM abstraction layers.

  • Their rates range from around $20-$80; the wide variation is dependent on the complexity of the project, the location of the freelancers because ones outside the US and UK tend to charge less, and their skills and experience.

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