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  • I will be your Web designer and Developer

    I will be your Web designer and Developer


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    I will design unique creative business website


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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

Differences Between Web Developers and Web Designers

Having a web designer who can also develop websites is rare. You are fortunate if your designer also functions as your web developer. In reality, these are two different roles. 

A web designer helps you set your website’s layout, color palette, structure, and mystery. They ensure your brand has good representation for straightforward user navigation. On the other end, a web developer implements a web designer’s work. In other words, a web designer ensures the website is visually appealing while a Front-end web developer makes sure the designer’s strategies work.

Freelance Front-end Developers versus Back-end Developer

Front-end and Back-end developers are two common buzzwords in the web industry. The two terms determine the job of a web developer and the technologies it uses in the execution. 

  • Front-end web developers focus on the client’s side developments. They are involved in analyzing codes and design. They also deal with debugging applications. 

  • Front-end web developers ensure the web has a seamless user experience. The developer manages what the users see in their browsers. Meaning they are responsible for the feel, look, and design of a website.

On the other hand,

  • Back-end developers focus on on-site development. They ensure you cannot see servers and databases by your naked eye. The code that back developers write is the one that communicates the database details to the browser.

  • They make updates and changes, and also they monitor the site’s functionality that consists of three parts, the database, the server, and an application. 

Qualities to look for If you decide to hire Front-end Developers

Being the brains behind users’ interactions, a Front-end developer should have few industry experiences and a strong background in integration, coding, testing, UI/UX design, and graphics. There are a few things you should know when looking for a front end developer.

  1. The freelance frontend developer should be conversant with technology language skills and know the importance of UI/UX.

  2. To hire freelance frontend developers, you should ensure they know the three core languages, namely JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The primary language for user interaction is JavaScript, so the developer should be well-versed with JavaScript. 

  3. A front-end developer must not only be critical with app functionality. They must also take user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) seriously. They have to build a useful UI using JavaScript, CSS, or HTML without affecting the end product.

  4. Top-notch developers should be able to run manual and automated tests and fix bugs. They should also have the capacity to test back-end integrations. They should always ensure they are correctly executing the right functionalities. Even without any error or bug, front-end developers should continuously improve the site.

How to Hire Frontend Developers?

There are several ways to look for reliable professionals in the front-end development platforms. It can be freelance portals such as 24Task, job boards, in house, and outsourcing companies. However, each hiring mechanism has benefits and drawbacks. Hence, the developer should suit your interests.

  • You can look for frontend web development jobs on various platforms. You can also browse 24task to engage reliable Front-end web developers ready to help you with your development project anytime.

  • Compared to other alternatives, hiring a freelancer is the most affordable. However, in some cases, you should be prepared for more bugs and a slow development process. The other good thing with freelance is that you hire a freelancer when you need them. You don’t need to worry about maternity leave, vacations, and sick leave.

  • The other alternative is the in-house developers. The main positivity with this mechanism is that the in house developers are after a positive impact on the project. Also, the developers care about the long-term goals, and you’ve control over them. However, this can be expensive because sometimes you’ll find you don’t have a project, but the workers need salaries.

  • The last alternative is outsourcing. It means you hire front-end developers from an offshore software company, and they work on the project remotely in the prescribed company’s office. It also means you don’t pay taxes, rent, vacations, and sick leaves. The only problem with this alternative is that the price is a bit higher.

Factors affecting the Cost to Hire Front-end Developers?

The demand to hire front-end developers is high. It makes it an expensive adventure. The truth is that front-end development is a diverse field; hence, multiple factors determine the cost. 

  1. The first thing that you should consider is the scope of the project. For instance, if you want a single page with few adjustments, such as creating a client-side server-based website or email gathering subscription, the cost of both will drastically differ. Performance, scalability, and maintenance will also play a significant role in terms of the price.

  2. Experience is also another issue. Freelance front-end developers possess extensive knowledge of front-end fundamentals like CMS, CSS, HTML, and jQuery. This experience enables them to handle various tasks without difficulty. Also, you need such experience for your site.

  3. The other important factor is the physical location. You must note that the developer’s rates vary with locations. Interestingly all developers pay the same amount for the services they use to develop sites such as Amazon Web Services, G-suit, and GitHub. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire freelance frontend developers that suit your budget.

Roles of 24Task Freelance Frontend Developers

Some of the things our web developers do for your site include building your website’s architecture. It means they ensure users navigate easily on your website, pages relate to each other, house the information, and permit users to access various areas of the site.

24Task developers also build your functionality. If you’re an online merchant, you need functions that will allow your customers to save items, shop, pay, and provide shipping information. Functionality does not only imply the way your front-end development site performs. It also includes browser compatibility and load speed. Our experienced developer will ensure your site functions well across all the platforms.

What are you waiting for then? Log in to 24task.com now and hire front-end developers that are topnotch and reliable. 

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Front-end Development Frequently asked Questions

  • They are programmers that are responsible for the look and feel of websites and apps. Front-end developers create websites and mobile apps with heavy consideration for user experience.

  • Front-end developers are programmers responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact with within a web or mobile application.

  • First and foremost, you’d have to be proficient in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Next, you should familiarize yourself with accessing operating system functions via a text interface. It’s also essential to enhance your skills through resources like Bootstrap, free code camp, Codeacademy, and Front-end Checklist.

  • As a foundation, you’d have to be adept in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. You’d also have to be an expert in graphic design applications and understand the principles of SEO. On top of the hard skills, though, a front-end developer must understand the users’ point of view in accessing the website or app.

  • No. Applications and websites are always made to be experienced by users; hence they’re designed to be as understandable and as easy to use as possible. The demand for websites and apps to be as user-friendly as possible will never run out.

  • Front-end developer rates usually play around $60-$80. But depending on location and skills, and experience, some freelance front-end developers, usually those outside the US or UK, go as low as $20.

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