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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Where to Find and Hire Reliable Bug Fixing Developers

Who Are Bug Fixing Developers

Imagine this: someone spills water on the front corridors and it needs cleaning, or the boss accidentally spills milk in his shirt and you need to quickly help with the dry cleaning. Now, in programming bug fixing developers are all about cleaning up someone’s else mess. While fixing bugs may be good for learning the coding process, it becomes frustrating with time and that’s why most developers don’t enjoy it.

Basically, bug fixing developers are programmers who have specialized in making changes to a system to fix any programming glitch identified - debugging. A glitch, commonly called a bug, in programming may result often from an update in a line of code. Companies are constantly updating their products and there are bound to be glitches in a line of code. That is why debugging is ran often to try and find them. The bug fixer developer's role is to ensure they are resolved.

There are no specific skillsets need foe one to be a bug fixing developer. However, developers who enjoy fixing bugs should be knowledgeable about the code base used for the software development. Most companies assign junior developers the role of bug fixing since with every fixes the developer learns something concerning a code. Therefore, bug fixing developers should be experienced in the software development process.

How to Hire Bug Fixing Developers From 24Task

Finding developers who are good at bug fixing is not a walk in the park. As mentioned earlier, many developers find the bug fixing process a little too frustrating despite being a necessary evil. A developer has to fix bugs for better performance or risk losing a client to the competition. So, when recruiting how do you ensure you get a bug fixing specialist and not just any random developer.

It is all about the Details; your job post must clearly state that you need someone with a full-time experience as a bug fixer. Detailed job post ensures that you attract fewer applicants but who are qualified, rather than having a general job post that attracts hundreds and you have an uphill task interviewing and making a decision. The best place to start is to view the applicant profile to see if it’s one of the top skills before you make a consideration.

Different developers have different expectations from a job post. Even you as a client, you have your specifications as well as expected in terms of scope. Ensure to set out the terms of the contract and what the incumbent is expected to do and how many how’s per week will be required to complete the task since it’s a remote position. That is how you craft a detailed job post that attracts only the right candidates.

Cost estimates of Hiring Bug Fixing Developers

Bug fixing salary varies from as low as $25 K to as high as $50k. The salary is not that great compared to other development work. This process happens because most of the time the bug fixing work is left to entry-level junior developers who are on internship. Internship money is not that competitive. Anyways, hiring a bug fixing developer is never expensive and you can always agree on the terms of service. Perhaps you could pay per bug resolved or on a retainer contract.

Whether you hire within your geographical region or offshore, you can always find an affordable bug fixing developers at 24Task.com. The cost factors will still be driven by location, whether you are hiring an agency or a freelancer to look at all the bugs. Of course, if you hire; for instance, from the Philippines, or India to even Kenya, the cost will vary because of GDP. Generally, startups and small businesses prefer to hire offshore to cut costs.

Also, it may depend on the device iOS 13 bug fixes that may cost you more compared to android bug fixes. It’s all about the nature of the work. Nevertheless, we guarantee you that you will always find a suitable candidate at 24Task .com.

Bug Fixing Development & Programming FAQs

Pros and Cons of Bug Fixing cascading style sheet can be said to be a collection of formatting rules that work with HTML. Here are some pros and cons:


  • One of the key benefits of debugging is that you get error conditions immediately and the bug fixing developer can start working on it.
  • Debugging provides useful information on a software data structure
  • Debugging enables developers to focus on the problem first.
  • Debugging makes developers be even better programmers by understanding the underlying code.


  • The only con is that the process bug fixing is that it can be frustrating if done repeatedly.

Debugging Tools & Technologies

Debugger, which is a software tool used to test and debug a program is widely available in the market since debugging is a must in software development. There are 6 debugging techniques in an embedded system.

  1. Make complex data simple first
  2. Divide the task
  3. Slow down the process
  4. Change one variable at a time
  5. Create off-line models
  6. Start with a known bug.

Below are examples of the most commonly used debugging tools:

  • DDD Tool -it’s an acronym for Data Display Debugger. The tool is used by developers to run a Graphic User Interface (GUI) in Unix systems.
  • Eclipse -is an integration of a debugger, an editor, build, and other development tools such as Debugging. IDE is the most popular Eclipse tool is a top pick compared to DDD, GDB and other tools in terms of performance.
  • GDB Tool –comes preinstalled in all Linux systems and is commonly used in Unix programming. Before using the same, it is recommended that one download the GCC compiler package.

Hire Our Dedicated Bug Fixing Developers

Want a better performing software application? Consider hiring from 24Task.com and get access to a wide pool of bug fixing developers who know their game. All our freelancers must undergo a compulsory skill test before their profile is made publicly available. We run a strict verification process to ensure you get the best developers at your disposal. Our bug fixing developers are top-rated and do an amazing job without any disappointments.

To get the best candidates, ensure you know what problem you have and the solution you need. When crafting a job post, ensure you try to provide as much information concerning the project as possible. If you have difficulty with the process or prefer to get a developer right away without the interview process, we can always recommend top bug fixing developers from the platform. Go ahead and post your bug fixing developer job post today.

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Bug Fixing FAQs

  • You must first reproduce the bug and gather more information to understand the cause of the bug. Then you will fix the bug and test it by trying to break it to be sure of no future attacks.

  • Appropriate bug fixing developers will have vast experience and high success rates in the field. Despite charging more for their services, they will be top-notch and the best investment in the long-run.

  • To become a Bug Fixing Freelancer Developer, you need a bachelor's degree in computer science, a similar IT-related field, and some professional experience.

  • There are several skills needed for a bug fixing freelance developer, including understanding the art of reproducing a bug, understanding what causes the bugs, debugging, and understanding the different bug testing methods. As a result, the quality of your bug fixing will be impeccable, and you will be sure of no future bug threats.

  • The bug fixing cost depends on the bug phase as bug detection complexities increase at different levels. Bug fixing, therefore, costs roughly $100 at the gathering phase, $1500 at the quality assurance process, and $10000 if detected in the production phase.

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