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    I will provide expert IOS and Android mobile App Developers


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    I will build a mobile app for both ios and android

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  • I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer.

    I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer.

    From $15 / $25.00

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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

4 Tips to Help You Find the Best Freelance Video Game Testers

Now that you have developed your video game and intend to launch it to the players, you will ensure that it is in the best shape. However, there are many loopholes that you may have left behind as a video game developer that you may not have noticed. You do not want your audience to experience these problems, as they can have a bad experience, and therefore, shift to other platforms.

The gaming industry is competitive, and you do not want to lose any loyal customers. On the other hand, you will want to improve your video game to attract new buyers every day. This will only happen when you ensure that you securitize your game and ensure that it is free of flaws.

Therefore, there will be a need to look for a video game tester to ensure that it runs efficiently. The video game tester goes the extra mile to foresee what the developers didn't notice to hinder or hiccup in the game. To ensure that there is thorough scrutiny on the game you have developed, you will ensure that you choose the best video game tester in the industry.

Since more video games are being introduced in the industry, more video game testers are qualified, and not all of them will be ideal. Some may claim to be best since they are useful in playing the game, though they don't understand most of the game's hidden aspects. It will therefore be of no significance when you hire such an inexperienced tester.

Choosing the right video game tester won't be an easy task, and it would take some time and resources to research the industry. There are vital factors to have in mind to help you choose the right one. Therefore, 24Task outlines some of the critical strategies below to help you identify the best video game tester.

  1. What Credentials Do They Hold?

    Technical skills like game testing would mean that you look for professionals only. Trusting a professional’s work would be more comfortable than when you hire any armature in the industry. Meaning, when you approach a video game tester, you will consider asking them to provide you with the details about their certification.

    A video game tester who does not present their credentials upfront or tries to forgo the stage for submitting their credentials can be a red alert for you. It can be that they lack the documents or are underqualified to perform such a task, bypassing the process. Therefore, ensure that the credentials are valid and reputable institutions in the industry certify them.

    Testing entails a lot of things, including knowledge of how game coding works. The video game tester must understand how the developer made the game and every possible scenario for every coding. Therefore, if the command doesn't work, it is easier for them to determine it, rectify, or raise the issue to be fixed accordingly.

    Therefore, understanding how games work is not enough. The ideal video game tester must have background knowledge about making the game and the software used. These are some of the details they'll learn during the training session, and tested if they master the process.

  2. Experience Plays an Integral Part

    A video game tester can qualify for the job, but they won't be suitable for your video game testing job without the necessary experience. You want to improve your game's playing experience, and it would be ideal that you get those that understand the specific platform used to develop your game. There are different platforms used to make video games, and they include:

    • Sony: PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4
    • Nintendo: Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy
    • Microsoft: Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360
    • PC: Sony, Asus, Microsoft, and Mac.
    • Mobile: iOS Apple, Android Play Store

    It will be specific if the video game tester specializes in a particular platform, as they would be more knowledgeable. These platforms get updated, and an experienced video game tester would find it easier to incorporate these updates to better the game.

    You will also want to consider the past clients that the video game tester has served. If the tester has served many clients in the past and reputable gaming developers, it would be a clear sign that they have experience. Consider what these gaming companies have to comment about the game tester, and if they are satisfied, you will know that they did a splendid job.

  3. What Other People Say

    Sometimes, what other people say about the video game tester will help you choose the right option. However, you have to know that the final decision maker should be you, the one needing these services. Other people's opinions guide you to the right choice and help you avoid those who perform the shoddy job.

    Therefore, you will want to consider the reviews that the video game tester has received from the past clients it has been serving. When you read through the reviews, don't only concentrate on the positive or negative things they say about the game tester but also consider why they are appreciating or disappointed with the expert. If they appreciate, then consider the specific areas they comment about, and see if you can be interested in such services.

    On the other hand, you will want to see how the video game tester reacts to negative comments. When the expert is not responding to negative comments, know that it is a red flag. If they become defensive or replying with abusive language, you will see that it is not the right choice.

    An ideal video game tester would want to know why the gaming company complains about their services and find ways to rectify the key areas they did not perform well. At 24task, we give you the chance to read the comments about our game testers from the real clients they have served from our platform and gauge the kind of services they provide.

  4. Reliable Communication

    Communication is vital for every contract made. There can be a problem or an emergency, and it would be ideal for the parties to communicate to find a solution to the problem. However, when the expert is not reliable in communication or is not available when needed, there can be a significant loss of damages that you won't want to fall victim to.

    During the initial contact with the video game testers, you will want to see how reliable they are with their communication channels. For instance, you will want to see how fast they reply to your emails or messages. If they can't be reliable at this stage, then you should know that they won't be fast to respond to your queries after you have signed an agreement with them.

    Having a better experience for the new video game you have just launched would help boost its sales. Therefore, you will ensure that you eliminate any hiccups that would interfere with the clients' experience, which would attract the need to hire video game testers. You will have an improved game with the right choice that your audience would like and boost your company's revenue.

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videogame tester FAQs

  • A videogame tester is responsible for evaluating video games to identify bugs and errors for effective documentation and quality assurance of video games for perfect functioning. They compile a bug report and submit it to the game designers for them to fix them.

  • To become a videogame tester, you need to learn the basic game testing vocabulary and skills, have a passion for video games, and communicate excellently both verbally and in written form. You should also have some technical experience like a degree in computer science.

  • A videogame tester needs to have a passion for playing games, knowledge of programming and software development, experience with videogames, and effective communication skills. He or she should have a bachelors' degree in computer programming or software development as an added advantage.

  • To hire the right video game tester, you need to get candidates to prove experience in playing video games and some technical training like a bachelor's degree in computer programming. Then, examine their technical skills through a test, interview the best performers to get the right one.

  • The cost of hiring a videogame tester may vary based on the years of experience, education, and geographical region. Generally, the charging rates of videogame testers range between $53k and $88k per year, and the average hourly rate is $22 in the United States.

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