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  • I will provide expert IOS and Android mobile App Developers

    I will provide expert IOS and Android mobile App Developers


  • I will build a mobile app for both ios and android

    I will build a mobile app for both ios and android

    From $15 / $25.00

  • I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer

    I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer

    From $40 / $50.00

  • I will design android mobile app, ios mobile app, and mobile app development

    I will design android mobile app, ios mobile app, and mobile app development

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer.

    I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer.

    From $15 / $25.00

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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

Hire Super-qualified Sencha Touch Specialists

Do you want to have more personalized customer interaction and have higher chances of generating more leads for your business? You need to hire the best Sencha touch specialists who will improve your customer interaction by building customized mobile applications for you.

Billions of people in the 21st-century use smartphones, and therefore, having customized mobile apps will enable you to interact with many customers and reach more prospects easily. It will, in turn, result in the growth of your business and maximize your ROI.

Therefore, you need to consider recruiting top-notch Sencha touch freelancers who have the expertise to create mobile web applications that meet your project goals. They will also test your web applications and ensure they have optimized performance and play other critical roles.

So, how do you hire Sencha touch experts? You need to have the necessary information below to equip you with the right knowledge of employing the best Sencha touch freelancers. The information will help you hire exceptional Sencha touch experts on 24task for your game development project today.

Who are Sencha touch specialists?

Are you wondering who these Sencha touch specialists are? Well, Sencha touch specialists are people who have the expertise to create user interfaces for mobile website applications that are similar to native web applications using the Sencha touch framework. The Sencha touch is a web framework that is specifically designed for mobile websites.

Therefore, Sencha freelancers use the web framework to build various mobile web applications depending on the client's specifications and project goals. For specialists to provide excellent web development services, they must possess the following skills and expertise.

What skills should you look for in Sencha touch specialists?

Sencha touch freelancers must possess the following skills that enable them to provide perfect services.

  1. Proficiency in JavaScript language and CSS.

    For the Sencha touch specialists to use the Sencha touch framework, they should understand the JavaScript language and CSS. It is because the Sencha touch framework's many features and styles have a user interface JavaScript library. The specialists should also have knowledge of HTML5 useful in creating web applications.

  2. Strong problem-solving skills

    Sencha freelancers should have excellent problem-solving skills to provide solutions to any web-related problems that clients might raise. They should have a perfect approach to dealing with JavaScript and CSS bugs. The Sencha freelancers should critically evaluate client's applications, identify any problems, and troubleshoot them.

  3. Excellent computer software skills

    Proficiency in computer software programs is very crucial for Sencha touch freelancers. They should have a strong command of database software and knowledge of web designing, developing, and coding. They should have strong skills in developing highly innovative mobile web applications for multiple channel consumption, depending on their project needs.

  4. Strong adaptive skills

    Sencha touch freelancers should adapt to any client's situation and offer the best solutions accordingly. They should also learn and adapt to the latest technological skills, such as the current HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web standards. They should always be willing to learn the newest web development trends and adjust to them accordingly.

  5. Good verbal and written communication skills

    Sencha freelancers should have excellent communication skills to enable them to share innovative ideas with coworkers and team members in an effective manner. They should also explain their web ideas and the solutions to client's problems in an understandable way.

    Written communication skills enable Sencha touch experts to craft web reports and respond to web users' emails accordingly. Therefore, Sencha freelancers should have excellent communication skills for effective services.

Why you should hire Sencha touch specialists

Sencha freelancers help you in creating mobile web applications based on your project's purpose and goals. They design and develop HTML5 web applications such as game applications and test them to ensure they are correctly functioning.

The Sencha touch experts create clean codes for applications such as native mobile IOS, Android, or windows using MVC design pattern practices. They use MVC design patterns to develop best practices for creating quality codes for your mobile applications.

They regularly evaluate your web applications to troubleshoot any debug, ensuring optimized performance. The Sencha freelancers use touch charts in the HTML5 canvas and use hardware acceleration for optimized application performance.

They help convert Sencha touch apps into mobile apps that have access to your device APIs and spread in the App stores. The specialists also help you share Sencha touch frameworks, packages, and custom code between your web applications.

Sencha touch specialists also help you create a flexible configuration system by enabling defaults to be specified for optional commands at your web applications or across all workspace on your machine.

How to hire the best Sencha touch specialists

When hiring Sencha touch freelancers, you need to consider the following factors to land the top-performing candidates.

  • Relevant expertise. It is crucial to consider candidates who have relevant experience in handling similar projects. Studies show that a person who has adequate background experience in his area of expertise is more likely to offer excellent services in the area. Therefore, you should get a candidate who has proven experience in handling projects similar to yours.

  • Consider a candidate with good reviews and client testimonials. Apart from the experience level, you also need to look at the candidate's portfolio and their previous client's testimonials.

    The portfolio can help you know the standard of the work they provide and their ratings. Good client testimonials help you develop confidence in the candidate and be assured of quality work once you hire them.

  • Education. The educational background of the candidates is also very crucial for excellence and professionalism in their work. A Sencha touch expert should have at least a bachelor's degree in computer or any other related field. The academic qualifications give a sound background to the candidate to understand the Sencha touch framework's fundamentals.

How to write a compelling Sencha touch job post

Having conceptualized all the fundamentals of hiring the best Sencha touch, you need to write a compelling job description that captures the attention of top-rated candidates. You need to ensure your job includes the following essential parts.

  • The specified skills the candidate must have. Ensure your job post highlights the specific skills that your potential candidate must possess based on your project's needs and goals.

    Some of the skills might be excellent knowledge in programming languages, primarily JavaScript and CSS, problem-solving skills, and many more. You also include the duties the candidate will undertake so that the candidate who can handle them can apply.

  • Nature of the project. Specify your projects' nature regarding a long-term or short-term project and how long the project will take. It is also essential to indicate the number of hours the candidate is expected to work in a day.

  • Your budget. Indicate the project's set budget based on your project's nature and the level of expertise you need. The charging rates vary depending on the candidate's knowledge level and your project's nature and length. Therefore, you need to ensure that you know the services' charging rates and set a considerate budget for the project.

With such critical information concerning hiring Sencha touch specialists, you have all that it takes to get the top-performing Sencha touch freelancers for your game development project. Therefore, log in to the 24task site and post your job to get exceptional Sencha freelancers today.

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Sencha developer FAQs

  • Sencha JS is a broad JavaScript framework that enables developers to create data-intensive, cross-platform web apps for any modern device. It includes 140+ entirely supported high-performance UI components that integrate with React and Angular.

  • Sencha developer is responsible for designing, testing, and implementing complex software apps, creating reliable code, and initiating program implementation and functionality. They also evaluate existing apps and programs to improve their performance and analyze data processing functions.

  • Sencha developers should have a deep understanding of the programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, knowledge of object-oriented software and web development. They should have a solid understanding of Sencha ExtJS, SQL, Core Spring, and UI design patterns.

  • To hire a suitable Sencha developer, you need to define your project's needs, set an ideal budget, craft an interesting job post, find the best platforms to get candidates, or ask for referrals. Evaluate the candidates prioritizing those with proven relevant experience to get the right one.

  • The cost of hiring a Sencha developer depends on factors like the scope of work, level of experience, skills, and geographical region. The average annual charging rate of Sencha developer is $100,020, which is approximately $48 per hour in the United States.

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