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  • I will provide expert IOS and Android mobile App Developers

    I will provide expert IOS and Android mobile App Developers


  • I will build a mobile app for both ios and android

    I will build a mobile app for both ios and android

    From $15 / $25.00

  • I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer

    I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer

    From $40 / $50.00

  • I will design android mobile app, ios mobile app, and mobile app development

    I will design android mobile app, ios mobile app, and mobile app development

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer.

    I will be android and ios iphone mobile apps developer.

    From $15 / $25.00

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Client Reviews for Freelance Kendo UI Specialists


Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Hire Highly Skilled Kendo UI specialists

Do you have a company or business with a high volume of projects that your development team cannot perfectly handle? It is time to hire the best Kendo UI specialists who will excellently work on your software development projects at a cost-effect price.

Kendo UI freelancers have high-quality expertise to relieve you of the pressure and energy of building highly-performing websites and applications based on your projects' specifications. They will also assist in the software development process and guide your team on the projects' best and acceptable practices.

Therefore, to get such services and many more, you need to hire kendo UI specialists. You can hire quality freelance kendo UI specialists online or browse 24task for exceptional talents to work on your project today. However, it would help if you grasp the following tips to guide you in hiring the right candidate for your kendo UI job.

Who are Kendo UI specialists

Are you wondering who kendo UI specialists are? They are professionals who develop interactive and high-performance websites and mobile applications using Kendo UI. Kendo UI is an all-encompassing HTML5 user interface framework used for creating high-performance websites and applications.

Therefore, Kendo UI specialists use Kendo UI tools to create fully functioning websites and applications based on client's requirements. They also evaluate the existing websites and make necessary changes to improve their performance according to the current technology.

What are the skills of Kendo UI specialists?

The following skills are crucial for experienced kendo UI specialists that help them offer excellent services to clients.

  1. Proficiency in programming languages

    Kendo UI specialists should have excellent knowledge of programming, especially HTML5 and JavaScript. Kendo UI mostly uses html5 language, and therefore the kendo UI freelancers should have a deep understanding of it. JavaScript framework such as Angular JS is also very crucial for web and app building.

  2. Strong MVVM and ASP.NET skills

    A strong understanding of ASP.NET and mobile-view-view-mobile is essential for web and app development. Therefore, every kendo UI freelancer should know the skills. ASP.NET core skills enable the kendo UI freelancers to configure Kendo UI server-side wrappers and widgets.

  3. Excellent analytical skills

    Kendo UI freelancers should critically analyze clients’ applications and identify any technical clichés requiring immediate fixing to boost performance.

    They should also analyze the client's software development process, identify areas that may require improvement, and resolve them accordingly. In general, excellent analytical skills are crucial as kendo UI freelancers can evaluate and handle any web or app-related issues accordingly.

  4. Communication skills

    Effective communication skills enable kendo UI freelancers to build lasting positive relations with customers, clients, and workmates. Through excellent verbal or written communication skills, they can resolve any client's or customer's technical problem understandably.

    Kendo UI specialists should effectively communicate the best recommendations to boost clients’ apps performance and guide teammates on the best practices.

  5. Technical skills

    Kendo UI freelancer should have strong proficiency in advanced technology such as software design, mobile app, and website development. They should also have an understanding of database software programs and Microsoft SQL. The Kendo UI freelancers should know how to use agile methodologies in software development. They should also have strong proficiency in using Kendo UI tools for web and application development.

Why you should hire Kendo UI specialists

Kendo UI specialists are experts in various areas as far as Kendo UI is concerned. They play multiple roles, as indicated below, which are crucial for your business.

They build entire applications and websites for your company. The kendo UI freelancers are responsible for developing high performing websites and applications that fully meet your project's requirements.

The kendo UI specialists assist in examining your software building process and providing the best recommendations to improve their performance. The proposals may include adopting agile methodologies and the implementation of end-to-end Dev Ops for effective performance.

They critically evaluate your existing websites and mobile applications to identify and quantify any risks and areas that are not in line with quality practices. The kendo UI freelancers then devise and recommend the best solutions to boost their performance.

Kendo UI freelancers are responsible for designing your mobile applications to ensure they provide a super-quality experience along with all your customer and prospect touchpoints. They facilitate the provision of an excellent user experience.

They also work closely with other coworkers and mentor them to review your company's systems and source code and devise practices for super-functioning. They guide your team members on the best technical practices that align with your project's objectives.

Tips for hiring Kendo UI specialists

How do you hire the best kendo UI specialists? When you plan to hire kendo UI specialists, consider the following tips to enable you to land the top-rated candidate.

  • Know what you want.

    Analyze your company and identify the areas requiring extra add and skills missing in your current employees. You will then know the specific roles and skills that your ideal candidate will play.

    Ensure you also have clear and achievable objectives based on your expectations upon hiring the candidate. Set smart expectations of what you should achieve at the end of the project. Once you know what you want, getting the best candidate for your kendo UI job will be easy.

  • Know where to get the best candidates.

    Once you understand what you want, the next step is to determine where you can land the top-performing candidates.

    You can research the best online platforms that offer the best kendo UI freelancers using specific key terms or get them from social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The best and easy way is to log in to the 24task site and get super-talented kendo UI experts ready for your project today.

  • Consider experience level.

    Ensure you focus on candidates with proven experience in handling similar projects to yours. You can go through the applicants' resumes and cover letters to check their level of expertise.

    You can also go through their portfolio and confirm their work and reviews and consider client testimonials. You can assess candidates with at least two years of working experience to get quality services.

  • Education.

    Educational background is also crucial for professionalism purposes. Therefore, your ideal candidate should have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or other related fields. Such a candidate will have all the fundamentals of handling kendo UI-related projects.

Writing a good Kendo UI job description.

Once you have understood the best tips for recruiting kendo UI freelancers, how do you write a compelling job post? You need to ensure your kendo UI job post covers the following.

  • Specific skills and roles of the candidate.

    Ensure you state the essential skills that your candidate must possess and their functions based on your project's needs.

  • The length of your project.

    Indicate the duration the project will take and whether it is a part-time or full-time job. You also include the hours the candidate will work in a day.

  • Set budget.

    Include the allocated reasonable budget for the whole project depending on the level of expertise you need and the project's nature.

With such crucial information on hiring the best kendo UI specialists, you can now make a wise decision. You can log in to the 24Task employer app, post your kendo UI job, and get highly-talented experts for your project today.

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-Kendo UI Specialists FAQ

  • Kendo UI is a comprehensive collection of JavaScript UI components of a tech stack such as jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue for creating interactive and highly functioning websites and Apps.

  • Kendo UI is used by various tech stacks, especially those with 10-50 employees, and generates 1million and above. Some companies include asurion.com, theheneryford.org, Frontend development, Telerik, technologies, and stblaw.com.

  • Kendo UI is useful as it is an open-source software where you can change it according to your desires; it shortens mobile app and website creation due to its simple codes and provides unique documentation to users. It also has a trial license before subscription and provides support frameworks.

  • Kendo UI specialists are responsible for modernizing existing and building new modules, creating software apps, identifying and resolving any technical problems associated with web development. They also ensure clients' mobile apps have high-performance.

  • To hire Kendo UI specialists, you need to clearly understand your project's requirements, have a realistic budget, know the platforms to get the best candidates and consider highly experienced and skilled candidates. Then, test their skills and interview them to recruit the right suit.

  • Kendo UI specialists' salary varies based on expertise, skills, education level, and geographical region. In the United States, Kendo UI specialists charge between $104k and $216k per year with an approximate average wage of $82 per hour.

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