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  • I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.

    I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.


  • I will  do market research ,swot and industry analysis

    I will do market research ,swot and industry analysis


  • I will do professional market research for your Business

    I will do professional market research for your Business


  • I will do your business and market research

    I will do your business and market research

    From $10 / $20.00

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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

How to Launch an Engaging Video Ad Campaigns?

One of the challenges in launching an ad campaign is engaging the right video ad specialist. Anyone can run a campaign, yet, the outcome will be terrible without the right expertise and skill set. And a poor result will do your business more bad than good.

As such, it is of great relevance to find experts who know what they are doing to help you market your business. Everyone wants to have an ad campaign that brings positive results, so are you. In this regard, bear in mind to always be careful and wise in choosing a video specialist. Remember that your choices can make or break your business.

This article highlighted some of the factors in choosing a video ad freelancer.

  • Check Certifications
    It is integral to look at the campaign specialist's certification. It is the best way to know whether they qualify for the job or not. Every aspiring video ad specialist needs to take a video managing course and pass the exam. It will determine their qualifications and how well they will do on the job.

    There is a higher chance of getting quality works from a certified specialist. Especially those that have gotten certified by reputable institutions. With the increasing demand for video campaign services, a lot of institutions sprouted. Not all offer complete certification programs, and Google certification is by far the best.

    The video ad specialist must have been part of the program for at least 12 months. The specialist performance overall should be exceptional, if not the best. To be specific, you can ask them for their certifications, and they must produce them upfront.

    To engage such specialists without too much hassle and challenge, log in to 24Task. We can guarantee that we check our experts' certifications before we enroll them.
  • Video Ad Strategy
    An ideal video ad expert will have at least one strategy to achieve the results they claim. This strategy must include the channels used to reach the stated goals, be it sales or leads. It is to ensure that your website gets the traffic it needs.

    The specialist plans the acquisition, conversion, and engagement approach. Being strategic is a must as it secures you of a positive result in web traffic and higher conversion. Check out the following strategy stages:
  1. Acquisition. The specialist must use a campaign targeting those who search for services. Ask the expert about the display they intend to use and have the video ad displayed on an app or a website. You may also want to know about the specific video ads, bids, keywords, and extensions they will use.
  2. Conversion. Here, you need to ask the ad specialist about the conversion tracker they set up. Check with the specialist whether analytic goal tracking will be a good idea. Or whether it is better to stick with the acceptable conversion rates in the industry where you operate.
  3. Engagement. The video ad specialist must provide vital information about the ad campaign. Check with the specialist if they have Google Analytics linked with the ad campaign. Or any application they use to track landing page engagement.

    Discuss the target bounce rate and how they will improve the landing page experience as well. Asking the relevant questions above will help you with your hunt. It identifies whether the video ad specialist's strategy matches your campaign's needs. There are proficient experts at 24Task with reliable techniques for every industry.
  • Their Previous Clients
    Ask the video ad specialist of their portfolio to know the expertise they have in your niche. You can also check for their portfolio from their website. It also shows some reviews they get from the past clients they have served.

    You can check with the past clients through the contacts displayed on their site. You can ask their previous clients about the quality of the work they received from the campaign. By doing so, you will be able to engage only the most suitable one.
  • Budget
    Budgeting is one of the most vital factors to consider in choosing the video ad specialist to engage. Hiring someone who offers their service too up high your budget is not healthy for your business. The same goes when you offer way too low as you can't expect the specialist to concentrate only on your account.

    Weigh things out with utmost care and side on what will benefit both parties. Always aim for a justifiable budget and a win-win circumstance for you and the video ad manager.

    When you look for the best video ad specialist, consider the one that brings value to the campaign. The right ad specialist will help increase leads and sales for your business and not leave it behind.

    There are different strategies that an ad specialist can propose to you. For instance, there can be a fixed charge on a monthly or yearly basis. Also, they can be charging a part of the budget that you propose. So, ask them to provide you with the different packages they offer and choose the one that fits your budget.
  • Consider their Capacity
    Before you settle, check the number of other clients they work with at the moment. It will give you an idea of the specialist’s time and effort to provide your business project. The expert must have enough resources. They must be well-capacitated to manage your account, even if they serve other clients.
  • Understanding of Business and Industry
    Choosing a video ad expert will be ideal if they work with businesses in the same industry you operate. If not, at least they had or are working in a related niche. Such a choice will help you choose reliable strategies to ensure great success. Thus, you have to be concise in giving business details and the target you expect from the strategic plan.

    Business details must include market size, competitors, and products, among many more. The freelance video ad specialist needs this information to research the niche and use appropriate tools, such as display and keyword planner, to find more about your target audience.
  • Online Reviews
    It is hard to know how reliable an ad specialist is if they don't have any website reviews. Not all are familiar with Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot, but you can still check them for reviews. These websites provide reliable feedback about the specialists you may be eyeing.

    Some specialists, though, are new to the industry but can be reliable and well-equipped. In such cases, look for indications that will prove the specialists are exceptional.

Hire video ad freelancers to guarantee success in your marketing strategies. It may not be an easy task as most people forgo the steps required and end up with the wrong choice. But by following the tips above, you will never go wrong in choosing and engaging the most suitable one.

You can also browse online or visit 24Task to find top-rated specialists. At 24Task, reliable freelancers are available and ready to work on any video ad project at any time.

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Video Ad Campaign Expert FAQs

  • It varies depending on many possible reasons. Some of the most common are campaigns for creating brand awareness and spreading awareness about a particular social issue.

  • The campaign is a broad term that pertains to an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service, while advertising is specifically employing an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service, or idea. Thus, advertising is part of a campaign.

  • They are creative individuals responsible for raising brand awareness for a business’s product or service by producing marketing and advertising materials in video form for them.

  • You have to develop superb skills regarding video production and marketing. You may learn these skills separately, but together, they make up for knowing how to generate brand awareness through videos effectively.

  • Our Video Ad Campaign Experts are top-tier freelancers who are sure to know how to generate brand awareness for your business and help you further progress your profits. Aside from that, they cost way less than their counterparts from other freelance marketplaces.

  • Such experts at 24Task have hourly rates of $3-$25. The rates may vary depending on their location, skills and experience, and the project scale.

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