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  • I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.

    I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.


  • I will  do market research ,swot and industry analysis

    I will do market research ,swot and industry analysis


  • I will do professional market research for your Business

    I will do professional market research for your Business


  • I will do your business and market research

    I will do your business and market research

    From $10 / $20.00

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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

Top Freelance Internet Marketers for Hire Online

Do you desire to market your business or company through digital marketing? Are you seeking to create brand awareness at competitive prices through internet marketing? Your search has come to an end. Online marketing is the way to go, and this article will help.

With technology advancement and social media popularity, effective marketing has become more complex. One has to think outside the box to be effective in marketing. Gone are the days of traditional advertising and marketing strategies.

With the advent of social media and the web, you have to vie for your target audience’s attention. The distractions can be countless, so always focus on a positive user experience. You have to treat your audience and their experience as necessary.

Paid advertising can capture the audience’s attention without a doubt, but it is a bit expensive. Regardless, this does not mean you have to invest in costly marketing. Hiring an internet marketer will be your best option. They could come up with business-tailored marketing strategies that favor your budget.

So, how do you find online marketers to fulfill all your marketing and branding projects? Here are some tips for finding top-notch internet marketing experts for hire on 24Task.

Who are Internet Marketers?

  • Internet marketers specialize in advertising and marketing efforts to drive sales using the web, social media, and emails. They also use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and others for effective online marketing.
  • Web marketing consultants specialize in marketing products and services online. But their tasks do not end there. They also work to communicate the company's message thru branding and engage in a lot of research.

    Online marketing is an excellent choice to identify a target market, and it's needed. Knowing your target market will give you the best idea of how to package your products and services.
  • If you are not into internet marketing yet, then it is time you get into it. Your company doesn’t have to be a huge one and already successful in online marketing; all are welcome. An online marketing presence will get you connected to potential clients for inquiries. These inquiries will more likely lead to sales; hence, a remarkable conversion impact.

Top-Notch Skills Required from Online Marketers

Before you dig into the search for a freelance marketing strategist, here are a few skills to inform your hunt.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills
    A digital marketing specialist should excel in communication. Whether it is verbal or written communication, they must have exceptional skills. They should communicate a clear message to the target audience in the right tone.

    Such communication is not limited to talking to a prospective client alone. All means of communication should intend to generate sales or create profitable relationships.
  2. Creativity
    Creativity is a must-have for any internet marketing consultant. It is invaluable in producing great content and creating captivating marketing campaigns. A mind full of creativity can see all angles for marketing campaigns and content marketing. You can explore diverse affiliate marketing programs and keep ahead of your competition.

    Besides these, you get the first-move advantage by being creative and innovative. You also get compelling ads and an excellent landing page copy.
  3. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    To market your website and have a significant impact, a consultant must know organic searches. They must have a high level of expertise in using keywords, Google AdWords, and SEO. They should have clear and informative content titles broken down into catchy headings.

    With outstanding SEO skills, your work will appear on top of search results by customers. It will put you ahead of the competition, and your sales and market reach widens. However, your marketer must have a deep understanding of google analytics to determine impact.
  4. People skills
    An internet marketer needs to have excellent communication and people skills. Marketing's ultimate goal is to sell ideas to potential customers and clients. As such, email marketers must have established relationships and connect with clients well.

    Customers need to trust your business and see it as a trendsetter. Assure them of excellent advice, products, and services to meet their unique needs. They should see you more than a salesperson alone. Excellent communication and strong camaraderie skills will increase brand awareness, confidence, and sales.

Why Hire Internet Marketers

Are you wondering why you need to hire a freelance marketing strategist? Well, here are the reasons to hire one.

First, marketers have the task of brand management. They are responsible for the implementation of frameworks on brand value and popularity. They can also increase your social media visibility, thereby increasing brand following and enhancing loyalty.

Second, they work on advertising and promotional marketing efforts. Marketers keep email lists of business clients, making it easier to send email ads within no time. It results in more sales for your business.

How to Shortlist Marketing Strategists Experts

Before the actual process of hiring a freelance marketing strategist, select the best. Screen their profiles before interviewing them and observe the following criteria.

  • Experience in Branding and Marketing
    Engage with someone who knows what they are doing. Internet marketing requires a high level of expertise. As such, ensure you find a person who has several years of experience in marketing. In addition, he must be conversant and know the trade, including evaluating market trends.
  • Client Feedback
    Client feedback is of utmost importance in excellent marketing. Make sure you look into this aspect, too, since it can be a game-changer. It will help you identify satisfied employers and dissatisfied ones. Any red flags should be a serious consideration.
  • Business Acumen
    And lastly, Ensure to check their business expertise. Business is a diverse world that requires experience. Find web marketing consultants equipped with the technical know-how of your niche. Doing this ensures there is direction, flow, and met objectives.

Writing a Striking Online Marketer Job Post

Having done the diligence in research, you can now hire internet marketing consultants. Ensure you provide all the details that will make your job post attractive. Include the following information.

  1. Skills Required
    Make a list of the top skills you need. List the detailed level of experience and job exposure to serve as your basis in hiring an online marketing expert. Ensure you get a measurable impact and google analytics on past projects.
  2. Scope of work
    Again, outline all the functions you need to in a way easy to understand. Doing this insulates against potential frustrations and revision of terms. The freelancer is also keen to live up to the pre-agreed terms.
  3. Setting a Budget
    The final step is to ensure you set a budget and mention your desired rates. Whether it is hourly or fixed-price contracts, it should be clear and well discussed. It is also important to state whether it is long-term or short-term. You must know nonetheless that an experienced strategist will charge you more.

You are now well prepared on your journey to contracting the right online marketer. Get an expert to work on all your branding and marketing strategies.

Now, struggle no more! Hire first-class internet marketers as soon as possible. Search online or log in and post your job on 24Task today.

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Internet Marketers FAQs

  • Internet marketers refer to experts who develop online advertising analytics and campaigns for email, social media, and mobile phones and conduct SEO. They perform digital marketing campaigns by analyzing audiences and creating content that ranks high in search engines.

  • Internet marketers develop digital marketing analytics to identify target audience, consumer behavior, and market, creating engaging content that ranks high in search engines and devising online advertising strategies. They also build a strong bond between a brand and its consumers.

  • Internet marketers should have a bachelor's degree in marketing, communication, or related discipline, research, and learn the products or services you want to offer. Ensure you have proper mastery of advanced computer skills and SEO knowledge and start building your brand.

  • Internet marketers play significant roles that can bring a significant positive impact on your business, including conducting preliminary market research and identifying the target audience. They also help improve the SEO ranking of your website and increase conversion rates.

  • To locate an internet marketing specialist, you need to first know what you want for your business, set a budget, design a job description highlighting the project requirements, post it on the right online or social media platforms. Then, consider the candidate with your preferred skills and experience.

  • When identifying the best internet marketer for hire, consider a candidate who has sound background education, strong analytical skills, highly creative, excellent communicator, and good team player. You can gauge these skills through their portfolio and a short test and interview before recruiting.

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