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  • I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.

    I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.


  • I will  do market research ,swot and industry analysis

    I will do market research ,swot and industry analysis


  • I will do professional market research for your Business

    I will do professional market research for your Business


  • I will do your business and market research

    I will do your business and market research

    From $10 / $20.00

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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Find and Hire the Best Email Marketing Consultants Online

Over the decade, the email marketing landscape has shown significant growth. New trends use User-generated content (UGC), responsive interactivity, email marketing automation, and more. Companies and small business owners now need experienced email marketing consultants. Thus they can rise above the noise in their email marketing game.

The prospectus, customers, and subscribers need constant engagement with brands for its relevance. Email marketing has proven to be the best method to attract more customers and keep them. A report by EverConverter shows that this has the potential to push the ROI up to 4400% for business. Talk of smiling to the bank!

Are you planning a marketing strategy? Check out the most effective types of email marketing that suit your business.

Most Effective Emails for your Business to Send

Proper communication of different information is a must. Especially as the business goes through all the business cycles. The customer and subscribers need an update with what is happening with the brand. Was there any new product launched? How does it work? Are there any offers ongoing?

There are two major types of emails: the engagement emails and transactional emails. Engagement emails aim at branding business products. Also, they maintain an active relationship with customers. While transactional emails open or close sales. The two are not exclusive hence the best email has an aspect of both. Here are the types of marketing emails to focus on:

  1. Welcome emails – these create the first impression on the customer. They aim at introducing the brand and telling the business’ story. These emails enlighten the customers on what is in store for them and what motivates the brand. So, they should be catchy. According to an Experian study, these emails have higher transactional rates and revenue per email since they open 3/4 of them.

  2. Educative emails - these consist of how-to tutorials and emails. Here, they show customers or subscribers on how to use the products. The customer learns about the various ways to use the product and the advantages that come with it. Offers to buy items made at the end of the tutorials. Educative emails add the transactional value to the email.

  3. Re-engagement emails - technical breakdowns may break your customer or subscriber engagement. Re-engagement emails encourage them to re engage with your business as they used to. As the business understands the customer and they still want to connect no matter what.

  4. Card Abandonment emails - it acts as a reminder for customers on their purchases on their Wish List. It has more transactional value as its main aim is to trigger sales. While some may not buy it, it gives them the delight to know that you follow their activity on your platform.

  5. Sales follow-ups - as customers wait for the deliveries, this email updates them about it. It includes details of when and where to pick the delivery. Also, about what they will need as they pick their product. Kilimall and Jumia have these essential emails for their deliveries.

  6. Review request emails - it asks the customers to rate the services or the quality of the product. It generates important feedback for your business. More so, you get to know what to improve on as a business and what strategies to keep using in the long run.

The type of emails differs from business to business. Organizations running profit-based activities differ from non-profit, healthy living, and self-help groups. Yet, businesses enjoy the same benefits using top email marketers for their businesses.

Benefits of using Email Marketing

This is the best cost-efficient method of keeping in touch with your customers. As a business, you get to bypass all advertising, media space, and printing costs as you add more to your revenue.

The use of emails is permission-based. Only interested customers get to follow up on your brand. Also, there is a personalization of information for the customer. The relationship between you and the customer strengthens. The customers can reach you via email and right business-designed templates. The business has a surety that they are dealing with the correct segment for their products.

Emails are quick and efficient in disbursing information to many people. To send this information takes less time as compared to calls. Customers receiving the emails can read them at their own convenient time. In comparison to telemarketing calls which can be a nuisance sometimes.

It enables benchmarking. The business can check how the emails boost its sales and promotional activities. Furthermore, you can analyze how often they read emails or unread, responded to, or deleted. This gets businesses to work on the quality of their emails.

What to Look for in the Best Email Marketing Consultant

Creativity is key, especially for engagement emails. As you look to hire them, choose one who can come up with a compelling subject line. This will grab the reader’s attention and makes them nibble from sentence to sentence till the end.

The creation of relevant content that engages with the audience is important. Tailoring the right information to the right customer will add a bonus to your platform. It will make them pay attention to what is coming next.

Timely delivery of a given job will be essential for the operation of the platform. As well as the need to find a time-conscious and to hire email marketing consultants. The consultant should be able to work and finish both short and long term projects as required.

Analytical and numerical skills prove helpful in assessing how the emails are performing. And also what the customers are doing with the information given. Software skills in HTML compress data into the right size. As well as the front-end developers to create easy feedback channels for your emails.

What a Freelance Email Marketing Consultant can do for you

Are you looking for the best email marketing consultant to do a project for you? Well, 24Task has top-rated email marketing consultants jobs at your service.

They offer to create an email marketing plan. Then, they schedule auto email campaigns to new subscribers. They also manage email marketing software. Then, they send weekly email campaigns. Also, they create customized sign up forms for your business. Whatever it is, they make things happen!

Posting email marketing consultant jobs is easy and free on the website. You can get to hire top email marketing experts to work on your project.

Get the best email marketing consultants to work on your project from 24Task today. It guarantees quality and timely delivery. You can post your payments when satisfied with the work.

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Email Marketing Consultant FAQs

  • An email marketing consultant is responsible for generating more traffic through email, proofreading essential messaging in and out of email templates, creating and evaluating email campaigns. They keep the client's audience engaged through personalized emails and improve conversion rates.

  • To become an email marketing consultant, you should start by acquiring knowledge of the strategies and tactics of running a successful email program, develop your technical and digital marketing skills. Build a portfolio to showcase your expertise and start social networking to find clients.

  • The crucial skills you need in email marketing include proficiency in SEO and Google Analytics, marketing automation technology, and email automation tools. You should also know about HTML, CMS, and database tools and have exceptional communication skills.

  • Email marketing is a reliable career with plenty of opportunities for new email marketers with solid expertise. Numerous companies are searching for qualified and energetic email marketing specialists, and therefore, building your career in email marketing is excellent.

  • 24Task email marketing consultants offer their clients excellent services like developing and managing reliable email marketing strategy, creating different email campaigns, CTAs, and email templates. They also devise traffic generation strategies and boost email subscriptions.

  • The cost of hiring an email marketing consultant is subject to change based on your work's nature, level of experience, geographical area, and project length. Across the United States, email marketing consultant charges $31 per hour, and the annual salary starts from $43k.

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