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  • I will write politics law international relation sociology  education article

    I will write politics law international relation sociology education article

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  • I will expertly write legal contracts,agreements,and legal documents as a lawyer

    I will expertly write legal contracts,agreements,and legal documents as a lawyer

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  • I will be your business contracts and agreement law attorney

    I will be your business contracts and agreement law attorney

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  • I will be your lawyer and draft contracts for you

    I will be your lawyer and draft contracts for you

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  • I will be your lawyer for all contracts, terms, employment docs

    I will be your lawyer for all contracts, terms, employment docs

    From $20 / $30.00

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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Best Freelance Real Estate Attorney for Hire Online

Law is such a broad profession that attorneys can help you in more ways than you could imagine at the drop of a hat. And for lawyers to be influential and ultimately the best at what they do, they specialize in a specific type of lawyering, such as criminal law, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment, family law, immigration, intellectual property, corporate law, tax, and bankruptcy.

But if you need someone to handle matters such as purchase agreements, mortgages, title documents, and transfer documents, getting a Real Estate Attorney remains a good idea. This specific type of lawyer represents individual buyers and sellers, developers, landlords, and tenants. 

In today’s spotlight, we focus on experienced Real Estate Attorneys, where your general legal worries on selling or buying a home or dealing with real estate agents are taken care of, and the processes are much easier to understand. They are intelligent and exceptional negotiators who are accomplished networkers with brilliant analytical skills. Read on to find out why you need to hire a Real Estate Attorney today.

What it Takes to Qualify

From the many professions that you can find many individuals engaging in as a freelancer, you’ll find that being a Real Estate Attorney is one of the few of them where hard credentials are needed. Seeing that being a real estate attorney is a huge responsibility, you as a client should put your trust no less than people who have a law degree and duly admitted as a notary public. These requirements are no easy feat in and of itself, but the qualifications do not stop there.

Aside from said credentials, seeing as their job is no easy task, they are expected to have strong experience in real estate law and the state laws which may deem applicable. They should also have industry knowledge that includes litigation, lease transactions, real estate investment, property management, and purchase and sale transactions. Moreover, they have to have solid experience in title insurance underwriting, curative and claims, and a good understanding of foreclosure. The cherry on top of the cake, though, is to be capable networkers with excellent interpersonal, communication, and public speaking skills and can work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Real estate lawyering is not an easy task, and you as a client shouldn’t lower your standards in finding one for your needs.

Services Offered

People have the misconception that these types of attorneys only excel in real estate closing. That is to say that they’re suitable for the end part of the process of real estate acquisition only. While this notion is partly true, it overlooks that closing is the culmination of all the services offered by such lawyers for the entirety of the ordeal regarding real estate selling or buying.

To further break down what services they offer, these include drafting contracts, consultation regarding property disputes, and helping clients from the real estate business with zoning issues. They also help interpret what the local government allows them to do with the property, retitling, and being a real estate consultant, only to name a few.

As mentioned, the law is indeed a comprehensive profession, and its niches are even more diverse in between.

Now, to save money, you might be tempted not to hire one, but without proper real estate legal guidance and assistance, you’ll lose more money than you saved. For the many services that an expert real estate attorney can offer, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Real Estate Attorneys of the New Age

The world is changing and fast—as cliché as that might sound, but it is indeed true. And with the many professions that technological revolutions phased out, real estate lawyering is one of them. But that hasn’t stopped the job from evolving along with the world.

Finding local clients has proven challenging, but the number of clients needing such services isn’t getting any smaller. Hence, they’ve decided to adapt to the changing world, and a lot of them are going freelance in the booming gig economy.

Such adjustment made their reach practically around the world and could cater to clients with needs more suitable to their skills and experience, in volumes more significant than they’ve experienced. The current trend is that they come to freelance staffing platforms to market their skills further and reach a broader audience. Freelance real estate consultant offers its services to clients coming from different sides of the globe, all with the help of the internet.

The upside for you, as a client, is that you can hire these types of attorneys guaranteed of the same quality service as those that you can talk to face to face in your locality but with possibly more affordable rates. Due to stiff competition and currency value differences, those overseas offer the same quality service for a fairer price or just the same with an attorney with the same credentials in town.

You might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them as they’re straightforward to find in the vast sea of the internet. Luckily, to protect your interest as a client, you can hire a real estate attorney at 24Task, one of the leading freelance staffing platforms to date.

They’re as Affordable as They Can Get

Lawyers generally don’t come cheap, and real estate attorneys are no exception to that. That goes for those freelancing, as well. 

For many other well-known freelance staffing platforms on the internet, the usual starting point is $30 per hour. While averaging three digits, approximately $145—at the highest, their hourly rates reach up to $395. But with the same caliber of sure skilled and experienced lawyers, real estate attorneys at 24Task average at $30 per hour.

You can check them out yourself! At our website or app, you can register as a client and post your job offer. It will pop up on the feed of lawyers whom our algorithm determines best fits the job post. To further narrow down the list, those who feel they fit the bill will then submit their applications, which will pop up in your inbox.

You can then do a background check on the freelancers screened and click ‘hire’ once you see one that will do best for your offer. You can then continue to communicate directly and discuss the project further through our in-app messaging system. This measure is to protect the interests of both the freelancer and client at all times.

Whether you’re buying, selling, settling a dispute, or handling any concern for real estate legal services, we have you covered.

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Real Estate Attorney FAQs

  • Real estate attorneys perform duties such as evaluating legal risk court filings, developing legal papers for real estate transactions, preparing and reviewing purchase agreements and appraisals. They are also responsible for representing their clients in court for legal pleadings or trials.

  • Hiring real estate attorneys is advantageous because they help you negotiate and negotiate real estate transactions and advise you about legal risk in your real estate. They enlighten you on real estate laws and regulations and prepare real estate legal documents for you.

  • You should hire a real estate attorney when doing real estate transactions during buying or selling of estate, during real estate disputes and possession claims, and when you are financially distressed or mourning. And also, when the real estate deal involves complex issues.

  • You can find a real estate attorney requesting your title company or real estate agent for a referral. Recommendations from your family members or friends can also help you get one or research on the best online platforms that offer reliable attorneys, ensuring extra keenness.

  • When choosing the right estate attorney, you should consider the one who has a bachelor's degree in Law and a specialist in real estate law, proven experience in real estate and industry knowledge, and strong negotiation skills. You should also seek free consultations to identify the best one.

  • The cost of recruiting a real estate attorney is subject to change depending on the education and experience level, skills, and geographical area. Generally, a real estate attorney's salary is average $100,182 per year, approximately $48 per hour in the United States.

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