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  • I will be your personal professional graphic designer

    I will be your personal professional graphic designer

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    I will design flat vector illustrations for your webpage and app


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    I will create nft artwork design for you

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    I will design presentable logos as per the customer needs


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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The Scope of Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page?

The primary goal for creating a landing page is to increase the conversion rates to attain the required marketing or business goals. A landing page can either be a page within your taxonomy, your homepage, or a standalone page that is created for a certain company, sale, or product.

One needs to be cautious with landing pages since customers can easily be confused. Therefore, there should be some leading parameters. In the first place, why does the page exist? Is the page intended to inform, or act as a gateway for the site, or to sell base?

Effective Landing Page Benefits

Beyond the increased conversions benefits, there other benefits of effective landing pages. They include getting good SEO ranking. The pages are created in a way that they are targeting a particular set of search terms. They’re promoted by various boosting methods such as Google Adwords. This moves the landing page up the ranks and gets the product, service, promotion, or sale in front of the targeted audience.

The page focuses on one product, sale, or promotion. The page should not entail a lot; it should only focus on delivering a specific message. This is because the objective of the landing page is to move particular sales to a specific group to boost higher conversion.

The landing page makes the subscribing process more efficient. It acts as portals that move the visitors down the funnel. Rather than readers stumbling upon the CTA on your homepage, they will use the landing page to sign up, subscribe, join, or buy.

Features of High Converting Landing Page

It must be noted that there’s no standard process for creating a perfect landing page. Landing pages are created for different purposes, people, and drive different call to actions. Also, they are designed for various products and services. Therefore, landing pages are created for different purposes, intents, focus, industry, perception, niche, and audience, and they cannot be the same thing.

Regardless of the different varieties of landing pages, there are some unifying elements when it comes to successful landing pages. First, before you assemble the landing page, you need to identify your goals. Do you want to promote a new product? Or do you want to grow your email list? Or do you want to encourage a discount subscription service?

Once you’ve determined the goal, you should think about the message. The message must solve problems. This means your email list, subscription for content, or product should solve one’s problem. Next, you should start to research your keyword. This implies what people with the problem you intend to solve usually type. Once you have a goal, message, and keywords, you’re free to go. You can start putting together an appealing landing page. Think about the elements that should be included, such as sales pitch video, form, or CTA.

Landing Pages Elements

Elements of Successful Landing Pages

A successful landing page has some features. They include the killer headline and compelling subheads. The heading is everything, and it begins with attention, understanding, and interests. This is what compels the visitor to learn and stay on the page. The headline should grab the reader’s attention, tell the readers everything about the products and services, and it should be short, sweet, and catchy. You should ensure that as soon as the readers land on the page, they should immediately know the product or service being offered.

The other element is the strong subheads. The headline invites the visitors while the subheadings make them stay. The compelling headline should be directly positioned beneath the main headline. And it should slightly be more detailed than the main headline. The page should also include visual content, and in most cases, these are pictures. It must be noted that the brain processes image faster than texts. Therefore, the visitors will immediately be influenced by your landing page images. The pictures should be large, relevant to the product and services, and grab attention.

The page should also portray two different aspects that are very crucial in the marketing industry. That is pain and pleasure presentation. It should alleviate pain; it must be noted that human beings do all they can to avoid pain. The landing page should explain how the product or service will alleviate suffering. It should make the readers think and relate their pain with the product or service. The page’s explanation should be a savior of the readers’ problems.

The other essential feature is an explanation. The landing page explanation should be straightforward. This means the readers should not have any difficulties understanding it. The explanation should be derived from the headline but slightly different. It should be detailed. Also, It should be self-explanatory.

On the hand, pleasure inducement should not be forgotten. As much as human beings want to avoid pain, they need pleasure. The page should explain how the services or products will fill the emotional gap that the readers are missing.

What to Consider when Hiring a Landing Page Expert

To hire a top page landing expert, you need to consider some aspects. First and foremost, you should be keen on skills. Web design skills and copywriting skills are essential in designing a landing page. The expert should have the ability to code, and also he or she should know how to add, move, and configure various elements within the landing page.

Copywriting skills are one of an important component of landing pages. You need someone who can create compelling headlines and subheads.

The expert should have unmatched marketing skills. The landing page’s primary responsibility is marketing. Hire someone who has a marketing background. Also, your landing page should be enticing. This means that you need an expert that has requisite graphic design skills. Your page should have high-quality photos, videos, and layout.

Experience is also another important aspect that you should consider. Building a landing page is not something that you should entrust on anybody; nowadays, everybody claims to be an expert. Don’t allow people to train on your page. You need an experienced person to work on your page. For you to know one’s experience, you should ask for previous works and referrals.

Where Can I Find a Landing Page Expert?

You can use various mechanisms to hire a landing page expert. You can use established sites such as 24Task to hire freelance landing page experts. One has to prove to be a landing page developer expert to join the platform. The freelance experts are cheap beside they are competent since they have done such tasks consistently. Also, they do a clean job because they rely on existing clients to give them referrals.

The other good thing with the freelance experts is that you don’t need an office. Hence, it cuts the rent expenses. Also, you don’t incur sick leaves and holiday salaries.

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Landing Page Building FAQs

  • You must check on various skills freelance landing page experts have to ensure the right leads and conversation. Among the skills freelance landing page experts should have include: web design skills, graphic design skills, copywriting skills, and marketing skills. Therefore, they will understand the different landing page elements and have the right content and visual attraction to reach your targeted market.

  • Wix has been proved to be the best free landing page builder from extensive tests and research. Unlike the other page builders, Wix offers full customization, can be integrated using various tools, and tracking your campaign success is also possible.

  • To build a viable landing page, one must have a compelling headline and an impeccable sub-headline since they reveal to your page visitors precisely what you are offering. Your page image should again be relevant and eye-catching while you make sure that you have used an easily understandable form. Finally, your landing page must have a call to action.

  • To make your landing page attractive, you can start by having the best builder for the page. You also increase the number of visitors your page can have by keeping things simple yet visually attractive. You can also include a video for your sales pitch and eliminate the need for navigation elements.

  • Various things contribute to the cost of building a freelance landing page, including add ons, building duration, and landing page complexities. Therefore, most freelance landing pages get charged per landing page and vary from $200 to $2000.

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