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  • I will be your VA and do any data entry task

    I will be your VA and do any data entry task

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  • I will do data analysis, data science statistical and analytics

    I will do data analysis, data science statistical and analytics


  • I will do applied data science tasks with python

    I will do applied data science tasks with python

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  • I will provide data science, machine learning and neural networks solutions

    I will provide data science, machine learning and neural networks solutions

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  • I will build python, machine learning and data science models

    I will build python, machine learning and data science models

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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

5 Tips for Hiring Data Visualization Specialists Online

Data visualization is solving problems while trying to manipulate data to come up with more interactive information graphics. The data visualization analyst does the whole manipulation process of data.

The graphics are important as they are essential in making more informed business decisions. Many companies find it necessary to hire visualization professionals to help distill big data into powerful tools that can be easily used by the company's people.

The data visualization expert plays the following roles.

  • Bringing metrics, data, and calculations to life in visuals
  • Enables the users of data to explore and drive the data to find answers to immediate questions
  • They act as data artists by visually interpreting data to demonstrate a point.

Hiring data specialists is hard, and many business owners find it harder to retain them in their companies. The hiring of experts with extensive artificial intelligence leads to the company's exponential growth and can raise your business to heights you never expected.

Many companies want to hire data visualization experts not to be out competent in the evolving competitive market. A rush in any professionals' hiring process can cause a massive opportunity cost to the company, so it's best to take time in the process.

Before hiring data visualization specialists, you need to consider various important factors to make the right hiring decisions. The following tips will be of great importance during your hiring process.

  1. Define Your Project's Goals

    To find the best data visualization expert, you need to outline your goals before making the job post. You can give a specific description of what the project entails, the timeline, and the scope, among others.

    Once you have outlined your goals, you can give some brief information about your company, including the type of services and products you deal with in the company.

    You also need to give some details of the visualization you expect and the professional you are specifically eyeing. It is also important to define the processes that the visualizations the expert will work on are going to support.

    Explain more about your company's data like for example

    • How the data is going to be used
    • How exactly your data look like
    • The sources of your data and how it is always gathered

    Setting the goals and defining all the requirements and expectations will help you receive the candidates who best understand the areas and who have those qualifications. It will make your vetting process a bit easier as you will only be choosing from the best pool of experts.

  2. Look for Candidates who have Data Intuition.

    Once you have set the goals, it's now time to look for the best candidates for the data visualization job.

    Hire someone who does not need to be taught what to do. It must be someone who can dig deeper to find the data's critical insights without necessarily being told.

    The people you hire to work on your project must understand the evolving organization's needs and customers.

    The people you hire should internalize your questions and come up with visualizations that best suit your expectations. A data expert with high data intuition quality can identify various patterns within sets of data excellently.

  3. Creativity

    While hiring, look for data visualization specialists who are creative in what they do, not just any data analyst. Without creativity, the specialist won't do an excellent job as the whole visualization project entails creativity even when the expert is talented.

    The specialists you hire must be creative enough to bring data to life. All your company needs is an expert who can solve problems with creativity.

    The candidates should understand coming up with outstanding visuals and layouts if you want your visualization project to come out successful.

    The candidates may have completed a data visualization course in various prestigious universities but fail to use the acquired knowledge to solve real-life problems. You can test the candidates' creativity by giving them a paid task to solve as you carefully watch them.

    While working on the test task, you will understand their ways of thinking and see if they can come up with new solutions to problems that are already existing. The more competent candidates in data visualization will always come up with new strategies for working with data. Hire experts who show the potential of being creative to achieve your expectations and set goals.

  4. Look at the Expertise

    It is important to look thoroughly at the expertise of the candidates before hiring them. Look at the resumes and have clear pictures of the interesting things to you about the candidates.

    The perfect candidate's resume will have a clear demonstration of how the candidate can easily manipulate data. They should also possess various soft skills that will enable them to handle any emerging issues while working on the project.

    Their areas of expertise should match with the expectations and the standards of your project. It is best to hire data visualization specialists who possess the skills you are looking for, as they play a crucial role in its success.

    The best visualization expert should have the following skills that include

    • Should have excellent analytical skills
    • Have the ability to handle large bundles of information
    • Have outstanding written and oral communication skills
  5. Look at the Portfolios

    The portfolios of the candidates will give you a lead in the decision making before hiring. The clients the experts have previously worked with will help you know the kind of professionals you are about to hire.

    You can ask the candidates to contact their previous customers to ask them about their performance. It is always true that experts who have excellent performance will carry the same success to your project.

    Hire candidates who have positive reviews as it shows that they have a good reputation. Your project needs the best, so to achieve that, you need to hire the best employees. It will be best to check the candidates' portfolios as they will also enable you to know various things that are not included in the resumes.

    The portfolios contain information on the previous projects the experts have worked on previously. These projects will enable you to gauge whether they match the styles and standards of your project.

    Data visualization freelancers you hire must have done various projects whose styles match your expectations. If their work standards are quality, you expect it is clear that they can work on your project. Do not hire experts who do not have portfolios, as it will be hard to understand their level of experience and suitability.

When used by any organization, all the above guidelines will guarantee you the best in your business activities. Provided that both the hiring and retention processes can be tedious, all you need is to hire the experts carefully.

It would be best if you took the time to vet the best data visualization specialists to avoid future disappointments and regrets. Look around for the best candidates and ask peers for recommendations.

At 24Task, we ensure that we give you the best experience that is even beyond your expectations. We offer you various guidelines on how best to make the hiring process a pleasant one. You can try as out if you want your project to come out successful.

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Data Visualization Specialist FAQ's

  • Data visualization specialists are good at translating statistical data so that clients and business users can understand it. They create and edit visual content like maps, charts, graphs, and editorial and technical guidance to their customers.

  • Can use visualization tools and software to make complex data more understandable, accessible, and usable. The expert should also improve and integrate data according to the business requirements, combine data results and deliver it in an appealing and valuable way.

  • Data visualization experts should be able to manage databases and retrieve data. Other essential skills may include correctly naming columns in databases, joining tables, and should be able to quickly research through a database.

  • If you are looking for a data visualization expert for hire, you should consider using freelancing platforms. 24Task is one of the best platforms that allow you to post a job description then you can later evaluate the proposals to find the right visual expert.

  • If you are hiring a data visualization specialist from 24Task, the hiring rate will depend on the level of experience, project urgency, and the type of project. But you should budget from around $30 to $150 per hour to have your project completed successfully.

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