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  • I will be your VA and do any data entry task

    I will be your VA and do any data entry task

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    I will do data analysis, data science statistical and analytics


  • I will do applied data science tasks with python

    I will do applied data science tasks with python

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  • I will provide data science, machine learning and neural networks solutions

    I will provide data science, machine learning and neural networks solutions

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    I will build python, machine learning and data science models

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Client Reviews for Freelance Data Extraction / Etl


Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Hire Top-notch Data Extraction Freelancers Online

Do you desire to contract the best services to work on extracting data for your business? Are you looking for professionals to go through several data sources and databases and give you the best results promptly? Well, you can rest easy. We are here for you.

Data extraction ETL is the best process to ensure you get the best services to handle and extract your data. Data extraction is a process that involves retrieving data from various source systems.

Often, a company will migrate their data to an available repository for storage, or they can do so to help analyze it later. The data is stored in the data lake or warehouse. It is common to work on data transformation through data analysis before it is stored in the warehouses.

ETL is an abbreviation for a data integration process that has three different but interrelated steps. It has steps that include to Extract, Transform, and Load within the entire process. It is used to synthesize data from various certified sources.

Then, a data warehouse, data lake, or data hub is built to store this data. Anytime it is needed, it is easily retrieved. Additionally, data is extracted from sources that are not optimized for analysis and transferred to a central host with the best optimization capabilities.

So, how do you contact and hire data extraction specialists to work on your data extraction project today? The following are some tips on hiring data extraction freelancers on 24Task.

Who are Data Extraction Specialists?

Data extraction experts begin with the crucial task of data conversion. They do this task by conducting extensive data analysis of your business’ information. Such information helps them know how to classify data, migrate data, and store it in the warehouse.

The research data sources and go about correcting any default data. Doing this helps ensure that any information that is stored is accurate.

Again, ETL specialists work hard to ensure the format and prepare data to load it in the warehouse or data system you most prefer. Using the triple combination of ETL, they can perform various crucial functions combined into one set. Such a set gives you the proper ETL tools necessary to carry out several activities crucial to safekeeping your data.

Additionally, data extractors using ETL work to give your business an edge when it comes to making sound decisions. They provide you with a consolidated view of all the data stored in the data warehouse or lakes. Doing this is critical in giving you the advantage to examine it quickly. ETL thus helps you analyze and report on data that is related to all your business initiatives.

Skills Required in Data Extraction Specialists

If you seek to hire data extraction freelancers, you can easily do so on 24Tasks, the top marketplace for freelancers. Ensure you check for the following crucial skills.

  1. Knowledge of ETL Tools

    There is a host of data warehousing tools filling up the market. Thus, it is paramount that the data extraction expert is acquainted with most of them. Also, they need expert level with some of the key ones used in the extraction, transformation, and loading of data.

    First, they need to know their way around MarkLogic. This is a data warehousing solution that is key in speeding data integration. It makes this process faster and easier using different features.

    Second, Amazon RedShift is another cost-effective and simple tool. It is used to analyze data from multiple sources using standard SQL and BI tools. Third, Oracle is the top database that offers a range of warehouse solutions.

  2. Organization

    A data extraction ETL expert will have many tasks that he is working on to accomplish your project. As such, the specialists need to have excellent organization skills to help them keep things in order. They must know how to keep the work they are involved in structured, organized, and orderly. Data quality is realized when it is ordered carefully and classified in different ETL systems.

    Additionally, they must have clear ETL mappings, data flows, and workflows. When all these things are well structured and organized, you help with the ETL process and the debugging process. Most businesses already have a specific organization that has been developed over time, and thus, the specialist must follow it.

  3. Data Structure and Algorithms

    A good data extraction ETL expert possesses proficiency in algorithms and data structures, crucial skills in ETL. The professionals can come up with efficient and creative algorithmic solutions when working with different types of data. They can also effectively load data in large volumes without encountering difficulties.

    Data structures comprise stacks, trees, queues, linked lists, hash tables, and arrays, among many others. On the other hand, popular algorithms include dynamic programming, searching, recursion, sorting, and more.

  4. Database Knowledge

    To effectively process and manage vast data sets, the data specialist should know about various relational databases. They should thus have expertise working with different relational databases like Oracle and SQL. Additionally, they must also possess skills working with various non-relational databases. Such include HBase; Document, Column; Cassandra, and others.

Why Hire Data Extraction Freelancers

First, they enhance business intelligence by analyzing different types of data. Doing this helps your company make the best decisions after getting adequate information. Your business is in a position to implement the best practices and save money while increasing the returns.

Again, they work on various parts of the ETL process to accomplish the extraction, transformation, and loading functions. Doing this helps you have your data orderly and easily accessible from the data warehouses.

Again, they give you easy comparisons of data from various sources with that in the target system.

How to Shortlist the Best Data Extraction Freelancers

Are you thinking of reaching out to hire data extraction specialists? Before you do that, screen their profiles with the following criteria.

  • Experience

    First, ensure that they have adequate, relevant work experience. The right skill level assures you they offer top-notch services. They should provide a list of referees from former employers. From this list, you can get recommendations to determine whether or not to hire them.

  • Client Feedback

    Secondly, examine feedback offered by different clients they have worked for successfully. Make sure they have good reviews on how they conduct themselves when working with clients. If the input is positive, you can hire an expert.

  • Industry Fit

    Again, you want to hire an expert who has a thorough understanding of the ETL tools involved in your project. They will give you the best services for your project.

Crafting a Data Extraction Specialist Job Post

To get many hits from your job alert, you should give clear information. Include the following details in your job description to be as clear as possible.

  • Skills Required

    First, craft a list of crucial skills required in data extraction ETL specialists to join your team. With this in mind, you will know what level of experience you desire. Any applicants should present evidence of previous work done for you to examine their skill level and core competencies.

  • Background

    Additionally, ensure you state your preferences, if any. Indicate whether you need experience with specific ETL tools or particular industries.

  • Setting a Budget

    Again, state your working budget. It is crucial to indicate the figure you will pay the functional tester. Also, show any other terms, such as work hours, full time or part, and rates. However, note that a professional with higher expertise charges higher rates.

You can now confidently venture out to hire data extraction specialists for all your data projects and needs. They will give you the best services to extract, transform, and load all your data. If you are looking for amazing expertise for your business, then your search has come to an end. Log in and hire top-rated freelancers to offer you the best data extraction ETL on 24Task today.

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Data Extraction Specialist FAQs

  • They are mainly in charge of transferring information on paper into electronic data systems. They generally oversee the entire conversion process, working closely with clients to ensure that said data is accurate and accessible.

  • Data extraction specialists are primarily involved in designing and developing data sources for various projects, providing assistance for transforming data processes, and developing and maintaining libraries containing solutions and apps.

  • There are many skills needed in data extraction. Some of the most sought-for are writing complex SQL queries and performance tuning abilities, working with large data warehouses, databases, or operational data stores, and knowledge in utilizing testing methodologies.

  • They are readily available at any freelance marketplaces, but some of the best are readily for hire at 24Task. Just register as a client and post a job offer for free and wait for the application bids to come in. Choose whomever you feel is best for the project and click ‘hire.’

  • On an hourly payment model, they have rates of $3-$50. The cost will still vary depending on the payment model, the freelancer’s skills, experience, location, and the scale of the project.

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