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Thanks The response was very fast and very good quality

Client: bachelorwriter - Nov 2023

Communication was precise and respectful! I will most definitely be working with her again

Client: homeworkexpert - Nov 2023

I will definitely be working with you again

Client: HireWriter24 - Nov 2023

8 Tips for Hiring the Best Typists Online

Making the right choice of employees to hire enhances your company's work culture. It also pays you back as your business sales improve and your challenging goals are achieved. A typist is a company's administrative professional whose primary role is to prepare the company's documents. A typist has the following responsibilities:

  • Transfer data from paper formats into various digital files
  • Takes meetings notes and later converts it into detailed texts
  • They gather and organize typing material.
  • Transcribing documents

The hiring of the right employees can, at times, prove to be a challenging process. The entire process can be time-consuming, costly, and expensive to the company.

If you want your recruitment process to be successful, you need to identify the company's specific needs. You need to understand the requirements of the personnel and the culture of the organization.

Hiring the right employees improves productivity, brings along a successful employment relationship, and positively impacts your work environment.

Before hiring a typist, always take time and choose the right employees if you want your company to succeed. When recruiting employees, various tips are crucial to be considered.
Typists should be chosen following the below tips.

  1. Screening of the Resumes of the Candidates

    Taking your time to sort through the candidates' resumes is the best way to see if they qualify once the candidates have submitted their resumes using the screening software. Adequate resume screening will help you choose the most qualified candidates. However, inadequate screening could make you miss out on good employees and decide on poor ones.

  2. Computer Literacy

    The people you hire should be able to use computer software efficiently. They should be conversant with excel and PowerPoint when you want them to work on your typing project successfully. Consider the literacy in the computer before you hire a typist online. The literacy of computer candidates can be easily determined by simply giving them some test tasks.

    If they can complete the tasks successfully and with ease, then it is clear that they will work on your project well.

  3. Strong Communication Skills

    Typists you hire should have strong communication skills to work on your typing project. The people you hire should have the ability to understand written information.

    Always ensure the experts you hire can understand spoken information and read well. They should also be able to listen to others while they talk and ask questions.

    Finally, the people you want to hire for typing jobs should be able to write clearly and speak clearly.

  4. Ask for Referrals

    Asking for referrals before choosing to hire is very important. Referrals will help you understand the strengths of the candidate.

    It will be best if the candidates provide you with the contacts of their previous customers. Once you call or email the clients, they will help you understand the reputation of the candidates.

    You will only have a better understanding of the candidate's performance by listening to their past clients' experiences. If the clients give positive references, the candidates are fit to work on your project.

    You can ask the referrals questions like whether they can still work with the expert in the future or not. From their responses, you will understand whether they are fit or not.

  5. Work Experience

    Before hiring your Freelance Typists, you must look at their experience. A person who has completed other projects similar to yours in the past is the best option you should hire.

    A right expert in typing should possess extensive skills and understand what you need precisely. It would be best if you were very specific in defining your project's requirements before you go out to look for experienced experts in typing.

    Well defined project is good as you will only receive applicants who are experienced specifically in that field. The experts' questions concerning your project are an excellent lead to know whether they have enough experience.

    Experienced experts are much focused and can work on achieving the goals of your project.

  6. Growth Mindset and Adaptability

    The world of technology keeps changing, and various factors are usually prone to change. Hire experts who are flexible enough to adapt to the changes in the company quickly.

    The experts' mindset should be focused and set to growth as while working on the project, things like technology and policies will keep changing. Hire experts who can change with the company changes.

    The experts should be people who can quickly adapt to changes and those who do not take too long to adjust to changes. The experts should take very minimal time to change to the company's growth if you want to achieve your goals.

    Hire a typist who is open-minded and one who is free to learn new strategies as they emerge. A person who has a growth mindset is usually open to instructions and directions and can be fun to work with as they quickly learn.

    You can ask them how they can handle changes if they occur during the interviews. It will be easier to determine whether they are the kind of people you are looking for or not from their responses.

  7. Collaborative Skills

    It is always clear that the people you hire will join your current team in your company. It is okay if they are able and comfortable working as a team.

    A good typist is one who is ready to listen to others and pay attention to details. Even if the experts don't work in a team for the entire project, there are times they will be required to work as a team.

    Be very keen, especially during the interview, to ask questions about their experiences working as a team. The way they will respond to the questions will either give you a red flag or a good impression of whether they are fit or not.

  8. The Enthusiasm of the Candidates

    It is right for you to vet an online typist for hire who is excited to work on your typing project. Candidates who like your project will work excellently and will be motivated to do well.

The typing experts will only show excellence in producing good services and products if they like your project.

Ensure that the experts you choose will give their best to the project. Enthusiastic experts are easier to work with, and they create a great work environment. You will be glad to work around motivated experts as they will give you the best experience.

People who are excited to work on your project will ensure that they achieve the project goals. They also work with professionalism and ensure that they deliver their work before the deadlines.

Highly motivated experts will always ensure that they give you the best results hence the best customer experience.

Asking your current employees to help refer candidates to you can help your company attract the right experts. You can check with 24Task to offer you many options that will help you make the hiring decision.

We ensure that we offer solutions to all your questions and everything revolving around hiring. Finding good and loyal employees in the ever-changing business world environment can be a challenging task. Typists you hire need to create a team of employees you can rely on and who can do the job without being followed around.

Making the right choices during recruitment and hiring is always an essential part of your business strategy. The right employees who fit in with the company's culture will always ensure that your company meets its goals.

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Typists FAQs

  • They are those responsible for typing a company’s documents and material, including reports, correspondence, and policies. They also work as data entry specialists.

  • Besides fast typing skills, they must know different word processing tools, strong language skills, and attention to detail, particularly grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

  • Good typists are not fast, for fast’s sake. Attention to detail must be second nature to them as documents must come out accurately as intended from them.

  • Other than straight-up telling that you are a typist, it helps to go into detail about it. You can include details like your words-per-minute count, whether you have experience typing in a fast-paced setup like in a court meeting. It also helps to specify the kind of typist you were, whether for an accounting or a marketing firm, and the likes.

  • Great ones are available for hire at 24Task. You just register on our website or app as a client and post a job offer, and surely applications will pour in. The last thing for you to do is check the applicants’ profiles and click ‘hire’ on whomever you feel best for your offer.

  • Our typists charge around $3 to $15 an hour on average. Rates may still vary depending on factors like skills, experience, and scale of the project, among others.

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