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  • I will be you full-time customer service support

    I will be you full-time customer service support

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  • I will be your live chat, receptionist or customer service rep

    I will be your live chat, receptionist or customer service rep

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  • I will provide email, live chat, and phone support to your customer

    I will provide email, live chat, and phone support to your customer

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    I will be your fulltime customer service associate

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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Hire super-qualified live chat agents

Do you know that the way you handle your customers determines your business's success, especially in today's digital world? Modern customers want an interactive relationship with your company to ask questions and get instant responses. Therefore, you need to use the most convenient customer support method like live chat support with high-quality live chat agents.

Live chat support method is the best modern customer support method that enables your customers to be more engaged and get excellent instant support leaving them happy and fully satisfied. It is beneficial when run by highly experienced live chat support agents who know how to handle customers excellently.

Therefore, hiring the best chat support agents can ensure your customers’ full support and retain them, resulting in higher ROI. You can hire quality freelance live chat agents online or browse 24task for amazing talent ready to work on your live chat project today. However, you need the following information highlighting the fundamentals of hiring live chat agents to guide you.

Tips for hiring live chat agents

  1. Get to know your business needs

    If you want to hire a live chat agent, you first need to know your company's needs that require an extra hand. Please get to know the level of customer support your business needs depending on its size to help you find the specific candidate who can handle them.

    You can identify the support level needs by determining the number of customers you need to hire live chat support and the number of hours the candidate will require to engage the customers. Such specifications should guide you to identify the ideal candidate who can handle the project effectively.

  2. State the specific roles and skills the candidate must have

    Depending on your company's size and nature, you need to identify the specific skills that your potential candidate must have. Highlight the soft skills and competencies such as multitasking, communication, and typing skills vital for your business, which your application should possess.

    You will be looking for a face representing other employees in your company and the company at large. Their tasks would be handling incoming correspondence from customers, partners, and suppliers.

    The skills should relate to answering customer calls and queries, replying to their messages, and many more that your business needs for effective customer care services.

  3. Identify the right platform to get your ideal candidate.

    Ensure you advertise your job post in the right places where you can land top-performing candidates easily. You can begin by researching to come up with the best platforms that offer high-quality live chat support agents.

    You can consider using social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can end up getting the best candidates. You can also hire quality freelance live chat agents online or browse 24task for amazing talent ready to work on your live chat project today.

  4. Assess your candidates

    Once you advertise your post and get several candidates, you need to assess their skills and competencies to shortlist the best ones. You can give them a pre-assessment test like a cognitive ability assessment that tests the candidate’s perceptual speed and accuracy.

    The assessment is the right prediction of whether the candidate can handle jobs requiring ordering, sorting, and verifying data related to live chat support. It helps you to identify potential candidates who can address multiple unfamiliar customer needs through live chat. List down the few candidates who perform best in the assessment for the interview.

  5. Select the best candidate

    After shortlisting potential candidates, interview them so that you get the best fit for your project. Conduct further assessment that tests the candidate’s specific skills you need for your business and their reliability.

    As part of the interview, give the candidate a practical live chat assessment test to gauge their competence and handle multiple customers simultaneously. The live chat simulation test should help you determine whether the candidate can provide an engaging and interactive customer experience.

    Once you finally identify your best candidate, hire, and be willing to guide them where necessary for an effective working process.

Top skills of live chat agents

  • Excellent communication skills. One of the essential skills for the live chat support agents is communicating excellently both in writing and verbally. They should respond to customers' queries in clear and concise information through messages or calls that help them resolve their needs.

    Poor written communication skills can make live chat agents make unnecessary grammar mistakes that can bring your company's bad reflection to the customers, hence risking losing them. Therefore, live chat agents should have perfect written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills. The chat support agent's primary role is to provide solutions to customers' needs and concerns, ensuring their satisfaction. They should always adapt to the customer's situation and provide viable answers to resolves their needs.

    The live chat support agents should have the ability to handle several customers’ problems and provide timely solutions effectively. They should create and use canned replies, which is a perfect way to engages customers and deliver practical solutions to their needs on time.
  • Ability to multitask. Chat support agents handle several customers who require equal attention promptly, especially if your company is large. Therefore, they should serve several customers and give each of the customers an equal amount of quality attention.
    The live chat support agents should conduct concurrent customer chats and use the customer relationship management platform simultaneously for effective customer support services.
  • Computer skills. Strong knowledge of computer software programs such as MS Word and MS Excel is vital for live chat support agents. They should incorporate the experience of MS Word and MS Excel in fast typing and accurate data entry of customers’ information. They should also use computerized customer care software programs such as Clark, CRM, and many more.
  • Strong attentiveness skill. The sole purpose of live chat is to ensure customers’ full support and satisfaction, facilitated by the live chat agent's attentiveness to customers' concerns.

    They should pay keen attention to the customers when they express their problems to understand them better to offer practical solutions. Full attention to customers' concerns makes them feel cared for and boosts their happiness and interests, encouraging them to make more purchases.
  • Knowledge of your enterprise. For the chat support agents to effectively handle your customers, they should fully understand your business products and services. They should know your business's ins and outs so that they can answer any question asked by customers about your products.

Duties and responsibilities of live chat support agents

  1. Responsible for receiving and responding to customers’ queries and concerns instantly via live chats.
  2. Keep records of customers’ data, problems, and the solutions they gave.
  3. Notify customers of the new products in your company in terms of their benefits and prices.
  4. Evaluate your website and identify any customer-related errors and fix them accordingly.
  5. Build lasting relationships with customers to make the customers happy and fully satisfied with their services.
  6. Help to attract new customers, which in turn increases the sales in your business hence hire ROI.


Live chat agents play vital roles that are critical for the growth of your company. They help to establish excellent customer relationships by handling their needs and concerns promptly. They ensure customer's data is kept safe and attract new customers who improve your sales, resulting in increased ROI.

Therefore, with the knowledge on how to hire the best live chat support agents and their critical skills and roles, you can make a wise decision today to succeed in your business.

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Chat Agent FAQs

  • Live chat agents are employees that answer customers’ questions or queries through live chat. It is used in my business platform to provide real-time answers to customers' inquiries via live chat. It is one feature of the support software and is used to get a customer a real-time response.

  • An excellent live chat agent should have excellent non-verbal communication skills, can multitask and solve problems in a fast-paced environment. They must be able to navigate the software programs quickly and use shortcuts. They must also have superb typing skills and accurate data entry. Above all, they must possess the ability to understand customers to provide the best and most precise solution to their situations.

  • Live chat agents should have impeccable non-verbal communication skills. Able to do multitasking since sometimes you have to serve multiple customers at a time. Quick-witted to understand and support the customer as quickly as possible. Friendliness and being approachable at all times are a must.

  • 24Task live chat agents are have always been the best because they serve customers in a very effective manner and very quickly. A customer doesn't have to wait since 24task live agents can multitask and serve up to 6 people at a go, and they very friendly to their customer and work under minimal supervision, and of course, work at an affordable price.

  • Payments vary based on several agents and the employer, but most agents receive between $15 to $60 per hour, which on average is $30.

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