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  • I will do data entry, web research, VA, excel, admin support work, copy paste

    I will do data entry, web research, VA, excel, admin support work, copy paste

    From $15 / $25.00

  • I will provide you admin support as your virtual assistant

    I will provide you admin support as your virtual assistant

    From $15 / $25.00

  • I will be administrative virtual assistant for all admin support tasks

    I will be administrative virtual assistant for all admin support tasks


  • I will offer professional support services as per your needs

    I will offer professional support services as per your needs

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will provide virtual assistant services

    I will provide virtual assistant services


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Very fast reliable service and communication was great!

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

The work was done sooner than I expected and everything was beyond expectation. I would definitely recommend and work with again in the future.

Client: HireWriter24 - Jan 2024

Very easy to work with and very quick turn around! Thank you so much.

Client: engagewriting07 - Jan 2024

Hire Top-notch Freelance Project Managers Now

Business and entrepreneurship require many skilled workers collaborating to reach success. Reaching the top means having quality professionals working together to achieve victory.

Working professionals need a leader that can guide and oversee all their activities. A project must be well-monitored from its initial to its final phase.

Project managers lead the planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing of projects. They are the ones responsible during the project's duration and managing its resources. Also called project management specialists, they lead the team to ensure its advancement.

Choosing to hire product managers assures you that plans are being well executed. It frees businesses from worrying about how to scope their projects properly. Project managers are partners that determine whether a project will be a success or not. There are always freelance project managers available to help you with the job.

So, do you need top-notch managers willing to work with your management projects today? Stay with us because 24Task will help you in finding top project managers today online.

Duties of a Project Manager

A project manager must oversee all the activities done in a project. Project management specialists ensure that the project is within the client's specific goals.

Also, project managers optimize the client's budget. They optimize the financial resources, reducing the cost while maintaining quality service, which assures that the clients get the most on what they paid for.

Project managers may differ in tasks depending on what industry they belong to. But, most project experts have similarities in phases on how to do their job in order.

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Project Planning
  3. Project Execution
  4. Project Monitoring
  5. Project Closing

Project managers do not work alone. They establish an open communication line of communication with their team members to ensure that the plan is followed and executed properly. It also signifies that the team is doing in accordance with the goal that their manager set for. Communicating also foresees possible conflict that may arise and negate them immediately.

Interaction is not between the project manager and its team members only. A project specialist also communicates with higher admin departments and stakeholders. Communication between them makes sure that the project is in line with the goal. Communication may be in the form of a meeting or a video conference, whatever works best for both parties. Constant updates allow the client to track the progress of the project and add his inputs.

An effective project manager does not focus only on the technical side of the job. Project managers also monitor the well-being of the team and set up activities to lift them. Project experts build the team to ensure constant productivity at work. A positive work environment translates to a better performance of other team members.

Do you need to hire a Project Manager?

Some tend to plan big projects for the company on their own, which often leads to projects missing deadlines, misusing resources, and exceeding budgets. Hiring project experts decrease the said risks, which is a big help for the company.

Indeed, choosing to hire project managers can be a big plus for businesses. There are still several advantages that are important to take note of.

  1. Improvement in productivity

    Every project is always time-constrained; deadlines are always piling up. A project management specialist makes sure that these are all met.

    A project manager's end goal is to plan the project and do it in the most reasonable period possible. Checking off a project's to-do lists gives enough time for all the important activities—team members' productivity skyrockets when every task is taken care of.

  2. Improves client feedback

    As the project manager, it is not your duty to check up on your team only. Checking in with the client and stakeholders is essential as the former. Project managers need to satisfy both parties. The result of the project must always translate into the goals and objectives of the client.

  3. Avoid conflicts

    A perfect workplace does not exist; a conflict will always arise between team members. Project managers are always there to precede and resolve any problems that may occur. Through proper communication, project leaders assist their members to get back on track. They also assess conflicts that arise to prevent it from happening again.

  4. Increase success rate

    As mentioned before, some who chose not to hire project managers tend to fail in their projects. One of the reasons is they avoid outsourcing who are more qualified to manage a project to reduce cost. But, the result is always the other way around.

    Hiring a personal project manager extends the company's assets because of new talent. They serve as your extension, which has proven their expertise in the field. Previous experiences can assure you that your projects are always in good hands.

The skillset of a Project manager

Choosing a top project manager for hire can be a difficult task. Employers will have a variety of criteria in deciding who to select.

The primary thing to do is to check whether the candidate possesses the necessary skill set. The required skills may vary depending on the project's industry classification. However, there are rudimentary skills that each project manager should have.

The employer must already meet his expectations for his candidate. The selection process will be a lot easier if that is the case. Below are some of the most common skills or talents a project manager should have.

  • a great communicator
  • organized and detail-oriented
  • analytic and a critical thinker
  • have significant delegation and time management skills
  • possess leadership skills
  • flexible and adaptable in facing conflicts

Choosing your project manager

Projects are very crucial for an organization. They are the bread and butter on how things happened. It is the best way to look at all the angles and factors that can impact your business. Interviews can be the best medium to know applicants better.

When choosing a project manager, it is best to hire someone who has prior experience. Familiarity with the type of business you are in can be a big plus for an aspiring project manager. You can check their past experiences and call references to know more about them.
Some employers tend to look at an applicant's personality. A person's character can tell many things about an individual. An employer must hire someone that understands and knows how things work. Employers must select candidates who understand their objectives and goals. It is possible to ask candidates specific scenarios and see how the applicant will react to it. Most answers will reflect on how their work ethics stand.

On the other hand, when creating project manager jobs online, it is significant that it is well done. State all your expectations, your expected work output, and also compensation. A good job posting can attract top candidates for the job.

So, are you ready to have your project experts? Here in 24Task, we have a vast pool of talented freelance project managers willing to take on the job. What are you waiting for? Log in and browse 24Task now.

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Project Manager FAQs

  • Project managers are trusted individuals by an organization or business to ensure proper planning, organization, and completion of assigned tasks. They ensure that the job is completed on time and within the allocated budget and scope.

  • A project manager should be in a position to influence the people they are managing. Therefore, they are supposed to have good leadership and communication skills. Hey also serve to be risk managers, critical thinkers, negotiators, cost managers, and have scheduling and task management skills.

  • Qualities of a good project manager include practical communication skills, strong leadership skills, and good decision-making. Also, they must have technical expertise in the management besides inspiring a shared vision, team-building skills, and containing work pressure.

  • Advances in technological dependence and the use of the internet and social media have made it easier to access project managers. From the comfort of your home, you can access highly qualified project managers' services by searching from reliable freelance platforms like 24Task.

  • There are many project managers in the industry, though not all have the right skills and qualities for your task. Therefore, choose one with a proven track record in the required area of expertise. Besides, consider things like qualifications and methodologies, reassurance of work, and project details before, during, and after delivery.

  • The average monthly rate for hiring a project manager is between $1,000 and $20,000. However, this amount would vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Also, some project managers would charge hourly or annually, depending on the type of project.

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